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    I have loved Christmas and Halloween since I was a kid.
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    We have an extensive blow mold collection and am working on integrating a LOR system.

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  1. I use conduit and metal stakes. The conduit is cheap and can be bought in ten ft sections and cut to length. I usually tie the blow mold to it using zip ties or slide the mold over the top of the pole. Then I use the 5" nails to secure it to the ground .
  2. I use them in the rain, cold, wind and snow and am on my second season with only two strings half out. Compared to my Home Depot Black Friday Sylvania micro LEDs I got a few years ago, they are holding up great!!!
  3. Thank you for the info! Luckily, I was able to get it going with some white greas and some WD40. Looks like its OK so far...
  4. I have been learning more and more about the Poloron mechanical blow molds. My mechanical Smownan motor seized up today so I brought it in and took it apart and gave it a good cleaning and greasing. I noticed my motor is a Bevel model S. I thought all were built with a model J motor. Does anyone know if this is an original?
  5. Go early or be prepared to wait in a very long line at the Elburn display.
  6. We're in Elgin... working hard to get our display up and running for Friday. PM me and I'll give you directions (or anyone else in the area that would like to check it out).
  7. Very nice! Whats the history behind the gold version of the Poloron Snowman with shovel? Is that original or a repaint?
  8. Ironically, I was lucky enough to pick one up this past weekend. The motor is in great working condition, paint is faded, but the main problem was the front and back of the snowmans bottom piece was pretty banged up. There is a golf ball size hole with many cracks on the front . I still couldn't pass it up, even if cracked. I patched it the best I could using a combination of epoxys but you will never be able to hide it . Still , it's going to be a great addition to our collection . Who knows if I will ever run across one again and quite honestly, the price was right !
  9. Shane, I dont have a mechanical santa or the Poloron carolers so I cant really compare. lol Is it the same backplate used on the other 46" snowman with shovel made of metal?
  10. Does anyone have any photos of the back of their Poloron Mechanical Snowman? I'm looking for photos of the backplate. Is it a standard Poloron metal backplate, similar to what they used on their other snowmen?
  11. The only problem with CFLs is for those who have a animated light show (LOR, etc). They dont take well to being turned on and off at a rapid rate. I learned the hard way lol.
  12. Sparky- do you use LOR? If so, did the ebay china e27 bulbs dim?
  13. I tried using the C7 LED bulbs but found just one was not bright enough (the ones I used had only 3 LED's inside). I experimented using T-5 LED bulbs from Action Lighting and they worked great. Each bulb has 5 LED's in it and are bright enough to directly replace a c7 incan bulb without having to have multiples inside the mold. I used warm white in more of the traditional blow molds (soldiers, etc) and the bright white in my candy canes, lolly pops, and small snowmen for a neat look. Below is a link to the product: http://www.actionlighting.com/t5-smd-led-frosted-e12-bulbs-midway-brand-pack-25-bulbs-227t5lede12/ For the larger blow molds that use a e27 base bulb, I am experimenting with some bulbs purchased off ebay directly from China. Cost is $3.50 per bulb.
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