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  1. Other than my coro star, outline and icicles, my roof is bare! I would like some ideas to add last minute. I thought I might use black coro, and make a snowflake pattern of lights, 8 total snowflakes 2' X 2' for the roof, and even thought about having vinyl graphic snowflakes cut so it is visible during the day as well... Any other ideas???
  2. Eh, here in Florida, I just have the guys cut the grass really short before I set my stuff out
  3. holidaycoro has some DIY kits. You have plenty of time to gather stuff and start assembling for next year. David has lots of info on his site as well for building, designing, getting them to work with LOR, etc. Crazy Tech.... Got my cutouts from John and am very pleased. Thanks for letting me borrow the elf design! Don't be afraid of the RGB's! Lots of possibilities. Either of you guys can feel free to PM me with any questions on them. It's only my second year, but I did well with them last year and moving into pixels this year as well.
  4. Skip the C9's altogether and go for some RGB LED nodes. You can run a pretty good length on the 12v ones, and just use a shingle/gutter clip for each one. Will cost a little more to complete, but you will have LED lights that you can make any color. Think slow fades from red to green to white, to blue, or any other color you can think of. If you check out Holidaycoro.com, you can buy them in 50 light sets, and they can be cut to any length. Davis has single controllers, or controllers to handle up to 9 LED strings. Allows for a very custom and neat install. You would have to check for voltage drop for the 33 foot run. My longest run was 20 feet and I had no issues, but there are also guides on his site to help you out.
  5. Got them today! Thanks John, They look Great! Very professional job. Will get them cleared tomorrow. Feel free to use me as a reference for future jobs if needed. Train motor has been swapped, and the new one is much better. May need to dial it down a little, cause it's a bit on the fast side. My "test dummy" almost pulled the front wheels up on launch, so will definitely have to bring the power up slowly. Now to work on the outside, and programming. Thanks again John for the fantastic job!
  6. Don't worry John, Bumble is for next year! Can't wait to get my cutouts! I am still working on my foam gingerbread men and house. Will send you pics when I get them done. My train....is at a bit of a stopping point...I decided the motor was not right for it, and found some 24v power chair motors on ebay, so now back to gearing and testing, after I get the new motor mounted that is. Cheers!
  7. Since the DC LOR board has no internal clock, it needs an input to tell it when to run the show. I plan on using mine on my train this year, and don't want to buy a wireless light linker just to tell it when to start since it can store the sequence. Thinking about creating a 24hour sequence that just keeps running. Thoughts? That way I could just start it the first time and let it go.
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