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  1. Thanks Darrid!!! You KNOW your Hamberger!!!! You too Sammy!!! Thanks for the text!!!
  2. Ok next question, I have a Hamberger leopard. Does anyone know what set that it's from?
  3. Does anyone have photos of Hamberger's Currier and Ives collection or know what was in them?
  4. Found this video of garage on this computer, not sure if the format it is in will work, but it is the snowman/polar bear option I spoke of above. Uploaded it to youtube, here it is:
  5. Hello All, As much as it pains me to let go of them, it is time to let someone else enjoy what I have collected over the past 10+ years. I am offering them here first because I know they will receive the Love and attention that they require. So, here goes: For sale approximately one hundred and forty Hamberger animations (most of which are shown in this video: All of the fences and props seen in video are all included as are the two pieces of plexiglass and 14 sheets of plywood I used to enclose the figures in my garage every year. Not seen in the video but part of the package is my eight piece Hamberger truly Life-sized Nativity with manger, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, and 5 or 6? Peanuts Characters along with the six piece Hamberger Caroler set that I am not sure I put in my count or not. In addition to the Hamberger pieces, as part of the package I am including approximately 130 -150 Santa's Best and Telco pieces most of which are Disney pieces, Peanuts, Looney Tunes, Undercover kids, Polar bears, Bears, Angels etc., etc.. The quantity on the Santa's Best and Telco pieces is an estimate, in all honesty I think the total may be higher. I will try to post as many pictures as I can. Some are on another laptop that I just ordered a new fan for because it is overheating.Some pieces I have never used. As you will see in the pictures I post, I rotate them as a Christmas scene in my garage every year, one year Disney, one year all elves, one year all animals, and one year all snowmen and polar bears. First $40k takes them and I will not be splitting them up. I am offering them here first, then to the whole Planet Christmas community, if no takers, on eBay they go. I am willing to help drive them to your state as my guess is you will need at least two 26 footers to complete the move. Respectfully yours, George
  6. I've been attempting to get a tally on how many animations I actually have so I can put them up for sale. I still haven't had a chance to straighten out my garage from Christmas 2014!!!!
  7. Wow!!!! Just clicked on the link, it sold for $650!!!! With $125 shipping!!!!!
  8. The gnome with saw and the one painting the soldier is bid at $490.00 on ebay right now http://www.ebay.com/itm/Outdoor-Animated-Mechanical-Hamberger-Store-Display-Figure-Christmas-Elf-Gnome-/271617786214?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3f3dae8166
  9. You guys have me looking for the "Like" button every time I come to this page!!!!
  10. Let me know if I can help you, Geez we live close enough!!!!
  11. Glad you finally got to post pictures!!!!!!
  12. Darrid, here is one I like just a little better. (mostly because it has my house in it from the 4:20 mark until the 8:10 mark!!!! and there is more of our type of animation at the beginning) The pictures I posted earlier are of my garage and where you see the rectangle beneath the outdoor television I usually have the lyrics to every song (unless it's an instrumental). And the music used is NOT the music the lights are synchronized to.
  13. I think I had the reindeer in last years display, because I used an animal theme. Sure hope I remembered to take pictures.
  14. Here are some from my display I think from 2 years ago:
  15. Thanks, I wasn't 100% sure, with all the experts in one place on this thread, I thought I would find out for sure.
  16. I don't know if they are Hamberger, but here are my Snow White and the Seven Dwarves:
  17. Nice!!! I have that one in my collection and didn't know it was worth that much!!!!
  18. urthegman


    What software are you using???
  19. And here I was thinking since Christmas is on the 25th, "Where are the other 4 trees???"
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