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  1. Water Bill, I like that setup and how it keeps them vertical. Nice work. tom.
  2. Chris In Ct, You can replace the rope light for just the letter T and then use it for a letter that does not require as much length (although it sounds like you are done with all of the letters). I have fixed sections of rope light but it is not as easy as the strings of minis. To fix it you need a multimeter and a good knowledge of how the ropelight is internally wired. tom.
  3. Chris in Ct wrote: I will have to take a look at Home Depot for the wire wraps. The wire I used worked good but having the pieces pre-cut would be nice. maxdesign wrote: I used plywood on some of my earlier projects. It worked good for mini lights but the ropelight worked better with the metal fencing. tom.
  4. Daniel, Great video. I had not seen a link for that before. Did you make any other videos like that? tom.
  5. One advantage is that the 12V ropelight would be safer if you ever were exposed to the wiring. tom.
  6. Chris in Ct wrote: I found that it was best to start near a curve or where the rope light would cross. If you look at the pictures of the individual letters you should be able to see where each letter was started. I was going to add a 'Start Here' mark for each letter in the PDF document but never got around to it. tom.
  7. On page 3 of my instructions I have a table showing how much rope light each letter used. http://t2lights.com/christmas/xmassign3.html tom.
  8. Chris, Those panels sound like they would work out perfect for making a sign. I know what you mean about the cold temperature. When I was making my sign in January there were days there were just too cold to be working in the garage. Once you get your sign completed I would like to see it. Maybe even post some 'work in progress' pics. It is funny that you say that because I have a neon sign that says "Christmas" and it was made in 2 pieces "Chris" and "tmas". Since I did not have a neon "Merry" to display with it I have not used it. I always said to myself though that it would be perfect for someone named Chris. tom.
  9. I found this on another website. Hope it answers some of your questions. tom.
  10. I finally got my instructions for making an Animated Merry Christmas sign to the point where I felt I could post a link. http://www.t2lights.com/christmas/xmassign.html I made the sign this past January using ropelight I purchased at the after-Christmas sales. Its dimentions are 3' tall and 17.5' wide. Any comments are welcome. The inspiration for the sign was found while surfing the web a few months ago. That link is: http://www.christmasinkent.com/HowToMCsign.htm tom.
  11. The best way to keep them dry is to keep them off of the ground. You can take 2 pieces of wood and put them in the gound so that they form an upright X and then rest the end of the extension cord where the 2 sticks meet. It will keep the end off the ground a few inches and should help. The problem is that if you have alot of these, they don't look great during the daytime. Ed_Faranda wrote: Actually, when it is cold enough for the snow to fall, the GFCI's won't trip as often. If the temp gets below about 25 they will rarely trip since ice is a bad conductor compared to water. tom.
  12. Thanks for the info on coro. I have seen signs made out of it but I did not know the name. John, Your hyperlink is misspelled. Hobbes
  13. Using a PLC is an interesting idea. I created a christmas tree light display using 12 strings of miniature lights and a Modicon compact 984 as the controller. It worked good but the programming was a pain. It basically consisted of turning the lights on one at a time and then doing some rotating effects. I later created a stand-alone controller using a PIC microcontroller and triacs. It was a good project to get me started using PIC's. The PLC could only turn the lights on or off but with the new controller I was able to add some fading effects. I would be interested in knowing how you make out using the Micrologix. Hobbes
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