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  1. Hello fellow Indiana Christmas Lighting Nuts! I mean nothing bad by calling us nuts because I have been called nuts for years for doing extreme Christmas Lighting! Anyway, I am wanting to attend ICE but will not know if I can go until literally hours before the event is to start. I work in Louisville, KY Friday, Saturday, and Sundays from 7:00pm - 7:00am. So if I am able to attend I will be leaving work to attend ICE and then leaving ICE to go to work. My question....Can I register at the door? Thanks!
  2. Hi Carrie, Sorry for the long delay responding. Yes I remember all of that pizza!!! I still brag to people I know about all of that pizza. I still say that pizza was the best I have ever eaten!!! Looking forward to seeing you once again!
  3. Carrie my friend, Mark down Rene' and I on your list. I look forward to making the Chicagoland pilgrimage once again......This time taking the toll road to the south. I'm sure you remember my frustration in 2006. I did not take the time to read this entire thread so any missed info as far as registration I am guessing will posted in the near future. Thanks! Mark
  4. Well our display finally made youtube. I do not know who posted the video but it is cuts of the lightshow put to their music. The first 53 seconds is of our display while the rest is of the city display in the park. Our lightshow consists of over 200,000 lights and all controlled by 560 channels of LOR. From 39 to 53 seconds is a part of the Santa launch sequence. You will see smoke in the backgound from Santa's afterburner on his sleigh. Also coming from the gazebo you can see snowflakes from our 2 snow machines. This is a pretty neat video! The lightshow is on from 6:00p
  5. Well this thread has turned into a fun trip down memory lane. 10 or 11 years ago their was a PC member who had a very large computer controlled display. He was at plus 2003. I cannot remember his name at all and I think he lived in the nashville, TN area, but anyway he controlled his entire display with x-10 modules. If I remember right, he used some type of home brewed program that controlled the modules. X-10 was and is probably the most unreliable way of controlling Christmas lights but this guy had it figured out. I watched a video of his display and it was quit impressive, even
  6. The city has accepted responsibility for accidents. I know that there is a risk but it seems everything we do in life is a risk. Just watching daytime tv is a perfect example when you see all of the advertising from these bottom feeding accident lawyers. Sorry if I offended any accident attorney's who may have read this thread.
  7. 1998 was the first year I did a computer controlled display. Chuck had his basic program that he used posted on PC. I cannot remember if he had it available to down load or I had to print it out and write it myself using basic. I had enough knowledge of basic to modify Chuck's program so I could use it on my display. My 1998 display just followed the basic program with no sync to music. That first year drew crowds beyond belief. I played music at random that first year. After the 1998 display season was over I remember posting a message asking if anyone knew of a way to sync lights
  8. This has turned into an interesting PC history lesson. Maybe this could become an article for PC mag. (Title--- The History of Computer Controlled Displays.) I had forgotten about the different attempts at computer control in the early years. When Drew developed Dasher in 1999, he was looking for someone who was using DIO card output. I kept my controls operational all year so Drew was coming to my area to visit family and he came to my house to test the first version of Dasher D on my Christmas computer. See the photo at this link. http://computerchristmaslights.com/drewhickman.jpg
  9. Does anybody use Dasher software or any Dasher hardware anymore? I was just thinking about the old Dasher software and how it compaired to LOR. I remember the constant crashing of the software and how user unfriendly it was. But in its defence, it was the first and it was an infant in a new age of computer controlled lighting. I know LOR will run the old dasher hardware and I was wondering if anyone still uses any of the hardware? This is just a trip down memory lane for me. Mark
  10. Hello Joe good to hear from you, Tim, Brad and those I have not met personally. Thanks for the ideas for future additions to the display. When it comes to DMX devices I am at a loss and I will have to be educated. I guess I will have to visit PC more often to learn about DMX.
  11. As a follow up, the display is a minimal static display after 11:00pm eastern. We leave the blowmolds and wireframes on all night for all to see and for security as well. We use LOR to control things 24 hours a day. During the day LOR just plays music and has display information for those who tune in on the radio. I started sequencing in August. I never realized how much more time it would take to sequence when you have 560 channels. I am glad that I got an early start. I must have changed the channel configuration 25 times and still had changed it several times as we put up the dis
  12. Hello fellow PCer's. Even though I have been scarce in the PC foreum, I am still alive. I have teamed up with fellow PCer Josh Campbell and we have combined our displays to bring our visitors the City of Charlestown, Indiana Computer Christmas Light Display. This display is a private display on city property. We have been allowed to decorate the city square with a 200,000 plus light display that we are very proud of. The location is an extreme lighters dream with 360 degree parking all around the display. We are using 560 channels of LOR, 360 strobe lights, 128 mini chasing trees,
  13. Is there any way to change the background color of the sequencing grid on LOR. I am using the latest advanced version. Thanks!
  14. It is very nice to hear from everyone. PC is truely a large family. Thanks!
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