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    when my daughter was around 5 years old we heated our home with a wood stove . On Christmas eve I sprinkled ashes on the floor from the stove to the tree. I then made footprints ith my boots to make it lok like Santa came down the chimmeny. When she woke her 1st remark was how did santa get back, I forgot to make prints back to the stove......
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    Groton NY
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    I am married nd am a chef/ caterer
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    marine aquaria and christmas lights
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    i have
    3 channels and lots of llights
  1. Can I run dumb strips wiyh my E682? I have cluster 4 free and clear and would like to add 4- 16' dumb strips i'd like to use if I can.
  2. Hi I have an Sandevices E682 board that Jim was so kind to replace after I had a board go p in smoke all of a sudden. What I world like to do is be able to run the board off a computer that will not be on my home network . I have the E682 set at the moment to a IP that falls within my routers IP range so I could test it , and everything works just fine. All pixel strings run exactly as I want them. I would like to connect the Board to my Desktop which is not connected to the internet and run it from that computer. Can someone please explai
  3. I cant DL the phoros without the software my computer doesn't have an sd. Slot either
  4. Hi I have a Kodak Easyshare camera but lost the software disc t it . Does anyone happen to have the software and would be wiling to share it with me. I tried to DL it from Kodak nad they don't have it any longer on their website.... Thanks Zanxclus
  5. you can try these I haven't purchased any yet but they look promising. http://www.thinkgeek...ff/41/wec.shtml Although i do see problems with some people plugging the sending unit into the neighbors house , lmao
  6. Have we become so lazy that we need to spend our hard earned money on such a silly item? Its noyt like opening our control boxes is a hard thing to do and as for me once I hae them in place and set up I don't have a reason to open them will tear down .....
  7. I found this place online seems t be reasonable with prices: http://www.beacongraphics.com/bgllc/amazing/items.asp?Cc=COROPLST&iTpStatus=1&Tp=
  8. Greetings everyone I am from Groton NY , which is nestled between Cortland and Ithaca ....
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