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  1. Our lights went live last night... Mainly because as we loose a weekend this year, I was determined to get the extra week... Also allows for testing and tweaks... It was worth it. I am a traditionalist by nature, i.e. starting on Thanksgiving... However my wife and neighbors kept harrassing me to start the show... SO.. I must comply... :-)
  2. This topic has been covered extensively... The WHT is basically useless, although some have had luck with it. The issue is that it is the only "FCC Legal" transmitter out of the box... But hence lies the issue... Based on many learned folks on this forums reviewes, there are basically 2 transmitters worth their salt... The Ramsey FM30B and the EDM LCD-CS-EP. I ordered the EDM. It is sold as a "kit"... basically soldering 3 connections, taking all of 5 minutes... I turned on the transmitter, set my local station, and it just works... Transmission out of the box is about 1/4 mile and clear !!!. In fact, it saved me from having to run speaker cable 100 Ft. I have a portable boombox, (RockBlocker) in the center of my yard tuned to the station. No static whatsoever... At this point of the season, you can make some mods to the WHT (again, search the forums).. to allow it to work... But I would reccommend making the investment for next year with one of the 2 above... Have fun... FYI, Lights on was last night at 1730 Hours and already had foot and car traffic... :-)
  3. Definitely cleaner is better. And you can always do more with less... The problem with every space filled with something is that people tend to loose attention pretty quickly. I have been doing lights for many years, but only the past 2 years have done LOR. Even with that, some feedback I received was that blinky-flashy was good.... to a point... That is why I incorporate slower / traditinal songs in the display to break up the "BAM" factor... And I don't do blow molds or inflatables... Just my preference... And I am greatful for those on this forum willing to share thier thoughts and ideas.
  4. I added additional elements this year, so re-used about 1/2 of last years and updated. Sometimes this actually takes longer than new ones... : So out of 20 songs, about 10 are prior ones.... : Besides, the wife likes to say... "That would be a GREAT song to do.... Hunny...
  5. Spent Saturday checking out who has their Christmas/Holiday items already on Display. Lowes was putting up their displays and lights were already on the shelves. Big Lots had their displays almost completed as well. Anyone else ?
  6. Hmm... Just thought i would try again... Anyone ?
  7. I have a "Gumdrop" Snowman I purchased from Sams a couple of years back. It is 48" tall and is a wireframe with a plastic overlay, 150 LED lights. I am looking for a Santa that is the same type but cannot find one. Preferably as close to the Santa from "Rudolph" but am not picky. Anyone seen anything like this in a Santa ? Here is a link to what the snowman looks like... http://www.samsclub.com/sams/48-gumdrop-snowman/prod3920330.ip Thanks.
  8. FYI, I use small plastic food containers. Cut a notch on tope of each side of the contanier, put the connector in the container and put on the lid. Have had several rains and no issues, not even condensation in the container.
  9. Agree with everyone else... I had to take time off after a bad accident... Sold everything... Now I can start again, and have to start from scratch.... Take a break and relax... :-)
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