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  1. HA!! Perfect... I hadn't thought about those things... I think I have a bunch of them laying around the house! Thanks that will be so easy!!
  2. Question for all you electrical brains out there: What kind of circuit can I build to convert 120V AC to 4.5V DC? I picked up this 5ft tall animated Santa from the Rite-Aid today. The animation is a moving mouth which moves in sync to several Christmas songs and a Christmas story. The mouth movement and sounds are powered by 3 AA batteries, so that's about 4.5V DC. I am going to try to animate the arms by installing a deer motor and some linkages. I'd like to power the mouth from this 120V AC deer motor and eliminate the batteries. So can someone please draw me a schematic or expl
  3. Now is the time to get your vampire plugs from Home Depot. They are called "slide on connectors" and come in lots of 100 at ~ $45. That's like $0.45 each! Males are model# 14-330, Females are model# 14-331. Order soon as they don't have them all year around.
  4. Ruby60

    How Big?

    I'm planning on 4 birds each using 2 LOR channels. (maybe more??) They won't be very detailed. I'll make one at 4 foot wing span first, then see how they look. Adjust size from there.
  5. Ruby60

    How Big?

    Thanks for the fast response... Thats bigger than I was thinking, but I'm going to plan on a 4 foot windspan as you suggest.
  6. Ruby60

    How Big?

    Hi, I want to make some wire frame birds. I want the wings to appear to be flapping, which I'll do with the lights. My question is: How big does a wire frame need to be to make it "distinguishedable"? They will be flying between 30 to 50 feet from the street. Thanks
  7. 84..turns out that what I was seeing is what was expected...I just didn't know what to expect! So, once you import the instant sequence to the sequence editor, you can then assign your lights colors to the channels... then it looks like you'd expect. That being said, if you only have a few controllers, it's probably worth the time and effort to create a visualization. It makes it a lot easier to evaluate the instant sequence prior to importing it to the sequence editor. Also, there is now a video on the LOR site that gives all the steps to do and what to expect. Take a look there. David
  8. Well, it seems that after I import the instant sequence to the sequence editor, I can then enter the colors for each channel. I thought I had the channels defined as to their location and color, but I guess not. I have not utilized the visualizer because I don't necessarily use the same setup from year to year, so it seemed like an unnecessary step. However, it might be the way to go. Still playing around with SuperStar. David
  9. Hi, The latest Planet Christmas magazine has an article about creating instant sequences using SuperStar, but I can't seem to get it to work properly. My license is Basic Advanced and 2 CCRs. I'm using 32 channels and no CCRs. I updated my LOR software to version 3.8 just to get the "Create Quick Visualization" option in the SuperStar program. I'm trying to use the option that does NOT use the visualizer. So, I go through the steps as described in the article. Then after exporting the sequence to the Sequence Editor, all I see is shades of gray on all of the channels. It is turning the variou
  10. I was considering picking up a bunch of 2 foot tall pre-lit tinsel type trees for my OUTDOOR display, but on the box it states "for INDOOR use only". So, what makes them indoor use only and why shouldn't I use them outside? Thanks....
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