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  1. I've got a grinch just like that as well, the extra arm puts a nice touch on it. I might think about adding that in if I get some extra time this year
  2. Hi Eric, all I use is a good outdoor paint. I also make sure I paint my edges. I live in Canada and my cutouts have been holding up just fine.
  3. I'm desperately looking for 5mm string of white strobes that will ship to Canada !
  4. Are you concerned about the screws in your shingles?? I'm thinking of putting pvc on my roof to create a grid and mount lights on. I'm trying to figure out the best way to do it.
  5. Haha thats awesome. People were astounded when I showed them the 1000 lights I picked up at my lowes i should show them your pic lmao
  6. I feel the same way. I think the majority of us on PC feel a bit down. Although I went to my local walmart today and everything was 50% off so I took advantage and got 32 cascading led strips for my display next year. It cheered me up a little. Lol
  7. Can someone recommend a good supplier that I can get my lights from in the off season? Online or elsewhere. Im around the Toronto area and I'm looking to setup an Easter display this year.
  8. Gotta love it when they make it anonymous. Losers !!
  9. John you ever thought about using black paint for your trim instead of the black sharpie?
  10. I found one on Amazon that I'm going to get. Thanks John
  11. I just checked it out you're right I like that colour much better. Where did you get it from? I usually get my stuff from Lowe's here in Ontario.
  12. Thank you very much ! Im proud of how they turned out.
  13. Hey John no I used 3/4 plywood. I thought about using coro but decided to use plywood instead. You were actually my inspiration I like the work you do. I have some other ideas that I might pick your brain about for next year. I think I'm going to do some Easter cutouts.
  14. I traced them out with an overhead projector then hand painted with exterior paint
  15. Well it took me a little while but I'm happy with the way it turned out. Can't wait to do some more next year!
  16. Yup those are the ones. Would you say the coverage area of light is about the same as the halogen? I currently have three of the halogens. Should I get three of the LED version or will two be enough being the light is a rectangular shape not round like a regular halogen.
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