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    Buying my first blow mold Christmas decorations, 2 Noel candles and a Santa Claus and 2 strings of lights.
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    I love to decorate the house for the pleasure of the neighborhood.
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    Been collecting for over 30 years and have mostly blow mold decorations

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  1. Where to sell new Christmas light sets ??

    Why not here on Planet Christmas? Members are constantly looking for lights. PICTURES along with PRICING go along way also.
  2. Small Addition

    Love the sleigh. Looks to be in great condition.
  3. New Additions Yesterday

    AWESOME addition to your collection. Love the sleigh and deer set.
  4. Anyone Identify??

    Looks to be Poloron.
  5. Selling off more molds

    Love that Nativity set J. It is my favorite only in front of the Santa's Best that Sears used to sell. Looks to be in great condition.
  6. Found this elf at antique shop yesterday

    That is a great find Donna. I got mine way back in the eighties and still use ot to this day in my North Pole scene as you can see from last years display.
  7. Cleaning Up The "stuff"

    That is a nice haul that you have collected. I bet your display will look very good this year. I do love the fireplace mold.
  8. Hope every member of the Planet Christmas family has a safe and Happy Independence Day!!!!!
  9. 4th of July display 2017

    AWESOME work. Great job!
  10. Wood cut outs

    Those look good J. Can't wait to see them finished and in the display this year.
  11. Available in New Jersey

    Love the zig zag trees
  12. Trash Find

    GREAT find! Glad to hear that yours is in good shape. Thanks for saving a blow mold.
  13. Curb Find

    WOW! Great find and thank you for saving it. Looks to be in great condition.
  14. Need some patterns for plywood cutouts

    J try Winfield company. They have the plans and also the carbon paper in large sheets.
  15. Blowmolds for sale in the near future

    J! What a collection of molds you have there. They all look to be in Awesome condition. Good Luck with the sale.