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    Buying my first blow mold Christmas decorations, 2 Noel candles and a Santa Claus and 2 strings of lights.
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    I love to decorate the house for the pleasure of the neighborhood.
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    Christmas and anything Christmas
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    self employed
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    Been collecting for over 30 years and have mostly blow mold decorations

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  1. I agree with everyone. Too much drama on FB and other sites also. These decorations you buy this day and time don’t compare to the blow molds that used to be made. Don’t understand why these companies quit making them. There is still a market for blow molds if not they wouldn’t be all over Ebay for the ungodly prices that people ask for them. 'People just don’t decorate like they used to when I was growing up. Sad,Sad,Sad.
  2. That looks great. Good idea. Could just have him sitting on your porch. Or buy another one and make Mrs. Claus as well. Love the blow mold deer also.
  3. WOW!!! That is an awesome collection.
  4. That looks good. I bet the whole display will look awesome once everything is up. Great job.
  5. All three Walmart stores are already out of them where I live. They’re also not carrying tons of lights like they usually do. Guess they got tired of selling them cheap after Christmas.
  6. Post us some pics to have a look see.
  7. Shane, Just love your display. Seen close ups you have posted but OMG! what a display.
  8. Just wanting to wish my Planet Christmas Family all a very Merry Christmas and a most blessed New Year 2020. All of your displays are AWESOME and I can’t wait to see what your creative minds come up with for Christmas 2020. Jerry
  9. Good Morning Planet Christmas Family, I just wanted to share the Christmas light drive thru that set up in our sister city, Oxford, AL, IMG_0762.MOV at a baseball complex. The company that put it on is called “Magic of Lights”. It was outstanding. They also set up a Christmas Village with Santa, an ice skating rink and other things along with hot chocolate, fresh made Carmel corn. Forgive the video quality since it was shot with a cell phone. Merry Christmas to you all, Jerry
  10. I wish when they made these that they would have made them so you could make them face one another and not having the bends go one way.
  11. Those are some great looking displays guys. Just think next Friday starts the real hard work 😆
  12. I always have loved the classics. Don’t like it when they do remakes of the classics.
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