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  1. Gorgeous tree you have there.
  2. I just LOVE :wub: your display. Just simple. It LOOKS very good. Love the soldier and the stars you used. Where did you get the soldier?

  3. AWESOME! Love the light tubes on the roof.
  4. Darrid, Glad you are back. You've been missed. Take care of yourself and don't do anything to hinder your healing.
  5. With no posts I assume everyone is feverishly setting up their displays. I hope that there are a lot of pictures posted this holiday season.
  6. Darrid, That nativity looks AWESOME. Great Work.
  7. Darrid Is that a wise man from a nativity set? I was wondering because in the bottom pic there seems to be a kneeling figure beside the one you are working on.
  8. Love the Ferris wheel also Darrid. Love the soldiers also. Will you make them matching (look wise) and does the other soldiers arm move?
  9. Darrid, How long do malls and shopping center usually use the animated items before they replace them?
  10. Darrid, Love your new babies also. I like the more lifelike elves. Who makes them? Look bigger than the Hamberger elves. The Santa that is sitting, does he actually supposed to stand?
  11. I like those also. Mrs. Claus looks like she had a rough night (lol)
  12. WOW, those are some beautiful pieces you came across there Darrid. I really like the Santa mailbox, it is very cool looking.
  13. What was Jarred's winning bid for the delivery?
  14. Darrid, Didn't get to see the episode on Shipping Wars but found a clip of it on YouTube. That was a very good piece on the collection that you have.
  15. All I can say is WOW!!!! I love the nativity set and knowing and seeing your work I can just imagine what they will look like when you finish them. I hope you can carry us through the process as you have with some of the other pieces that you have refurbished. When I saw the one pic of the wise man with the broken off hand I didn't realize that was the hand in the front of it on the ground. I thought to myself Oh my God, what and ugly foot. (LOL)
  16. Sammy, Your display turned out awesome. Great pics. If you do better next year I can just imagine what it would look like. Keep up the good work.
  17. I love the reindeer and the snowman also. They are such classic looking pieces.
  18. Love the top Mrs. Claus and the elf on the grass mat at the bottom.
  19. Josh, Do you cover those in inclement weather. I know those aren't cheap and I hope that they just don't sit out in the weather. You have some very nice pieces there.
  20. I love your displays. I really like the 2 soldiers and the snowman in the main window.
  21. Darrid, I like the ????? (trolls/elves) They look to be pretty tall.
  22. I really like those. I especially like the Victorian Carolers.
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