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  1. Sammy, You have totally outdone yourself. I LOVE IT!!!!!
  2. That looks GREAT Scott. Did you make the candy canes and the sparkle balls in the yard? I also love your North pole.
  3. Is there a such thing as a "generic" animated character that you could do with as you please?
  4. It is amazing how much things have changed (looks wise)
  5. Hey Guys, Got a Frontgate catalog today and they are to rich for me and I foud thes animated elves that they have. Set of Three Animated Elves - Frontgate Hope you like.
  6. Where is this that you are setting this display up at?
  7. I just recieved an Oriental Trading Company Christmas product book and they have what they call "scene setters" that would make nice back drops. They are 4 foot wide by 30 foot long so you could save some for years to come. They aren't that expensive either. Buy you some cheap wood and make you some frames and staple them to the frames and hang or stand them up.
  8. Congratulations on the Mickey. Love him and he looks to be in awesome shape.
  9. Thought the same thing when I saw the video. I agre Sammy- he is movie quality.
  10. That must be one large "troll" I guess that is one of his hands that you can see in the picture also.
  11. LOVE these. They are cool and awesome looking. Haven't seen many halloween items.
  12. Sammy, Just take that elf. Darrid has one already Just kidding- those look great Darrid and I'd say worth the drive also.
  13. I know that these are NOT Hamberger Displays but check these out. Greenhills Shopping Center - Manila COD Christmas Animated Display 2 Greenhills Shopping Center - Manila COD Christmas Animated Display 3 Jerry
  14. You know Darrid i is NEVER to EARLY to start decorating a little bit along. Get the scene up and ready and just cover it with a sheet to keep off the dust and just uncover when you're ready. Work on repairs and traveling during the day and set the scenes up at night.
  15. That elf would make a great door greeter on the front porch or foyer. LOVE it.
  16. Want to see the Kandy Kids when they get finished!!!! :)
  17. Darrid, That tree in the video has the large ornaments that you are looking for.
  18. There was an older couple who used to set up thier yard/home like this. It had a winding driveway and you just drove through looking on both sides of the drive.
  19. Love the Hearalding Angels. I can imagine them displayed with the Nativity scene that I've seen before.
  20. Darrid, Hope you don't mind sleeping with animated figures with visions of sugarplums dancing in your head.
  21. Hate to bother you Darrid but is that a reindeer in the Victorian Male caroler pic? Looks like maybe antlers in the side of the pic. Jerry
  22. Used in the 50's in Macy's windows.....WOW way before my time. My how things have changed over the years. Darrid, How about a full pic of Carol er Burnett
  23. Sammy, From the looks of your profile pic you do not have shelving above the door frames. And it looks as if there is plenty of room up to the ceiling. lol
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