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  1. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! I just cannot fathom all of these things that you all are posting on here, I feel as I have gone to Christmas display heaven.
  2. The one where they have on "Hard hats" and theres Santa's sleigh and a reindeer in the pic as well. Your work still amazes me
  3. Stupid question, but, what are the "white" things in the photo that Darrid posted?
  4. You AMAZE me!!!!!!! Keep up the good work. Jerry
  5. Darrid, Bet you could easily decorate a store window or set up a display somewhere with all of the animated characters that you have rescued.
  6. Have seen the pics of someones display on here of a pond made of blue rope light or mini lights but cannot find it. I want to create a winter wonderland next year with a pond and the animated wire frame deer around it like they are drinking and some twig trees around it also with snowmen and penguins and of course Santa. Any pics would greatly be appreciated. Thanks
  7. It has the block style plug so I dont believe that there is a fuse for it:(
  8. Does anyone know of where I can find a replacement blower for the Holiday Living Inflatable 7 foot Santa from Lowe's? Bought inflatable new this year and used it up until the 23rd. Plugged the display up and it came up but 10 minutes later it was down (no lights or power). Hate to trash it so I would like to replace it. Any help in this matter would greatly be appreciated.
  9. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! See good things do happen and you prevailed against the vandalism after all. Wish we lived where there were competitions like your neighborhood has. The road I live on is off of the main highway and on top of a hill. You can see the house from the highway in certain spots from the main highway and we have a few cars crawling by looking at the decorations. Merry Christmas and start planning for 2014!!!!!
  10. Stupid question, but just how do you find the parts listed on the computer for General Foam?
  11. Sorry for the re post. Please ignore.
  12. Sorry for the re post. Please ignore.
  13. Does anyone see the Santa's Best molds being produced any time in the near future? I have always liked those molds and I wish Sear's would bring them back.
  14. Does anyone see the Santa's Best molds being produced any time in the near future? I have always liked those molds and I wish Sear's would bring them back.
  15. Does anyone see in the future that the Santa's Best Molds being produced again? I always liked those molds and I wish Sear's would start carrying them again.
  16. Sorry to hear the bad news. It is a shame that you cannot decorate for Christmas without someone wanting to do damage to your display. Chris, keep your head up and don't give in to the pressure to take up all of your decorations. I know that they are not cheap and seem to go higher and higher in price each year. Did your home get judged for the light contest yet? If not that may be the reason that it was done to take away your advantage. Maybe the HOA can take measures to make the neighborhood safer. Have a Merry Christmas and remember that there is always next year.
  17. That is one GREAT display. Where did you find the reindeer soldiers across the front of the yard? Never have seen those before.
  18. Looks GREAT! Like the Nativity on the porch and also the inflatables of Santa & Mrs. Claus at the North Pole. The whole display looks GREAT!
  19. Looks great! Love the way you have the 2 reindeer flying into the scene. Neat idea
  20. Still using incandescent lights and mini lights with a very few LED strings this year. My question is this - does LED light strings come in increments of 35 or just 50 and 100 per string? Have a corrugated piece that needs 35 lights to fill the holes and was wondering if I could get them like that. Any info would greatly be appreciated. Thanks, Jerry
  21. Those look great. I only have the regular size pieces myself. Have you heard of American Sales. They carry blowmolds and carry the Life size set with all of the pieces. Right now the Shepherd and also the extra lamb. Their web address is www.americansales.com, the shepherd is out of stock but they will notify you as soon as they receive it back into stock. Hope this helps.
  22. Where can I find C9 bulbs for replacement by the cases or boxes in different colors? Any information would greatly be appreciated.
  23. Thanks for the replys. Help me out greatly.
  24. Not sure where to post this. I need to know what kind of speakers people use that have music in their displays. Ours is not a computer controlled display but a static display. I did at one time use large indoor stereo speakers wrapped in plastic and made to look like holiday gifts to disguise them with the speaker wire ran through a window hooked to the stereo that was just inside the window. Worked but I think that there is an easier way. Any ideas? Let me know.
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