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  1. Mr. Barber, When you get the display set up will you email me pics from daytime and night if that is not asking to much. Just would love to see the whole story put together now that you have the tomb done. Thanks
  2. This is one of my favorite songs. I am truly in awe of the synchronized lights to the music. BEAUTIFUL! BEAUTIFUL! BEAUTIFUL!
  3. THAT'S IT!!!! Happy shopping. I really enjoy this site.
  4. Has anyone tried the American Sales people? Was looking for blowmolds and came across this site and ordered a brand new in box Santa sleigh and deer for 79.00 with shipping it came to $110 and change. Ordered it on a Tuesday and it was here on that Saturday- Thank goodness for Fed Ex. They also have all kinds of blowmolds at very reasonable prices.
  5. That is what happened. The sticker eyes are gone and they were Sharpie marker applied.
  6. What is the price on the set of candles and the first snowman (Top hat and candy cane)? Zip Code is 36201
  7. That is AWESOME. I also love your thinking. Never would have thought of doing this. Just goes to show that there would have been no tomb or cross without the manger.
  8. Are those the 2 candles that you mentioned to me in the last email to me? I really do like those.
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