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  1. Just wanting to wish my Planet Christmas Family all a very Merry Christmas and a most blessed New Year 2020.

    All of your displays are AWESOME and I can’t wait to see what your creative minds come up with for Christmas 2020.


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  2. Good Morning Planet Christmas Family,

    I just wanted to share the Christmas light drive thru that set up in our sister city, Oxford, AL

    at a baseball complex. The company that put it on is called “Magic of Lights”. It was outstanding.

    They also set up a Christmas Village with Santa, an ice skating rink and other things along with hot chocolate, fresh made Carmel corn.

    Forgive the video quality since it was shot with a cell phone.

    Merry Christmas to you all,


  3. I am doing better. Ended up having triple by-pass on  the 10th of July so I am 5 Weeks out from  surgery. Had a problem with the leg they removed the vein from for surgery. It busted open and began draining pretty bad. They opened it up and drained the hematoma that had formed. Now I have to change the dressing and pack the wound with gauze twice a day.

    My mom goes on Monday the 19th to have a complete right knee replacement in Birmingham at Andrews Sports Medicine.

    Thanks for checking on me.

  4. Surgery will be tomorrow. Don’t know exactly when. The surgeon gives a good prognosis. Just ready to get this over with. Just keep me in prayer for the next couple of days til I come out of Cardiac ICU.

  5. Morning Planet Christmas Family,

    Requesting prayer from you all. I had a heart attack back on Valentines Day and had 6 stents put in. Had an additional 2 more stents placed. Still had no strength and my doctor had to put in a balloon temporarily til I go to UAB to have open heart surgery probably tomorrow. Just pray that everything goes as it should.



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  6. Big J,

    Just saw this post and thought to myself Big J needs to jump on that, then I saw the price that they were asking for them. I guess that they will sit there and finish rotting for that price. Some nice older molds from the looks of the pics.

  7. Meaning... You said you was going to open a blowmold company along with other partners and that you know you will succeed. All I was asking was that you keep us here on Planet Christmas informed since no blowmold so are being made at this time and we will be looking high and low for molds.

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