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  1. Looking to buy or trade for about 3500 Green 5mm lights (button style). 70 boxes of 50ct would be best but I will consider anything. I have lots of other LED colors and styles if interested in trading. (Not looking to sell my inventory) If interested PM me or email: westernmallchristmas at yahoo dot com. Thanks Joe
  2. Wow...little transposition problem here... I am looking for 5MM lights, not M5... I want the little button style ones. Sorry for the confusion. Thanks
  3. As it says, I have more than enough Cool White and Blue M5 LED lights, but am lacking on Green and Red of the same. Willing to over-trade to get what I need. Let me know what you have available. You can PM here or email westernmallchristmas at yahoo dot com Thanks
  4. OK, still available. How's $1,000 shipped sound?
  5. Tentatively Sold... Will update when for sure.
  6. We moved away from our old house, and as such, my light show is moving as well. It will now be in a commercial location! The other house that was linked up to mine will not be doing their own show, so they are looking to sell their controllers. They have four (4) LOR1602W controllers. They have been used two seasons, and I've always been the guy configuring them, setting them up, etc. They are looking to move them all for $1,000 all to go. If you were to order these new right now, it would cost you $1,320 plus tax and shipping, so not a bad deal. They really don't know anything about this stuff, so they asked if I would list and handle the sale. If you're interested, you can PM, but best bet is to email [email protected] Thanks
  7. Sorry... I should catch up on emails. I usually try to do so every couple of weeks. Jeff alerted me to this thread today, so I thought I'd reply this way. I have a whole thread dedicated to those starts here: http://forums.planetchristmas.com/showthread.php/29530-My-Firework-Shooting-Stars-More-info-on-them Let me know if this doesn't answer all of your questions. Thanks!
  8. I am thinking the same thing. My reindeer pretty much are buried with the exception of their antlers. I suspect a busy Saturday / Sunday of trying to dig out to make some of it at least visible.....
  9. I should go buy some stuff!!! Oh wait...everything around here is already gone...
  10. Doh! Forgot to enter...rats. Oh well, guess there's always the LOR contest.
  11. Nah, people that live there come in from a different direction, so save for the occasional blocked driveway or intersection, they are mostly unaffected. As for how many can see the show at a time, it's a little difficult to explain... While waiting in line you will see 2 or 3 songs on my house from the side, then two or three songs of a neighbors house on the cul-de-sac who's linked into our show, and then two or three from the front of mine. Most are ready to leave by then anyway.
  12. We have our "rules" more or less in the between song voice overs. One of those is to have two cars move out of the cul de sac at the end of each song. We wear reflective vests and have airport style coned flashlights. Then the traffic directors are mentioned in the voiceovers. Honestly, just the presence of someone out there keeps things moving right along for the most part without intervention. The only time I have to chase people out is if they park in my neighbors driveways or if they try to come down the cul-de-sac by skipping the line. We kick them out. It's also helpful to be out there to help the limo's and tour buses get turned around as the cul-de-sac isn't big enough for those to make the turn without backing up. Just the presence of someone "official looking" being out there takes care of most of it. People are more or less used to the way our "system" works by now.
  13. The way they are coming in now isn't even an official way as of yet. It will be developed over the next couple of years. The main way in is from the opposite direction.
  14. They usually are very well behaved. 99% are awesome. We basically direct traffic for the 1% who aren't.
  15. Hey guys- Just for fun, I decided to shoot a traffic video since I'd never done one. Had some help directing traffic last night, so took a few minutes away to do this. I've tried to weigh in with advice in the past for those who ask questions about how to deal with traffic. Maybe this will give me some credibility... LOL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1rlM5NQCzEw The line peaked out at just about where I shut off the video a half hour or so later... Happy Traffic Directing!! Joe
  16. Hey Sorry- I haven't been on here in a while. Thanks for the compliments. I'm glad you came on a Monday. It's odd what drives people's behavior on what days to come out. Obviously the media drives them out, but when a week or so goes by without coverage, it's really streaky. For example, Monday was our slowest night of the week. The last two nights have been pretty busy...backed up about two blocks...which is busy for a weeknight. Just be glad you didn't come out last Saturday night. I think it was the busiest we've been in all 4 years. I don't know if you followed the route in on the gravel road, but the line was backed up to where you turned left to get off of 4th street onto that temporary gravel road that takes you into the back of the development. I figure that's 1/2 mile or so deep. Sorry, but NO WAY would I wait in that line! Anyway, to answer your question, I have 3 CCR's in action and one sitting in the closet as a backup. Probably going to add more next year because I do like the way they look... I don't use the macros as I can't get the level of control I wanted with them. I will tell you this much....they **** to program the old school way! Hopefully LOR introduces RGB support for their software before next year. Anything to cut the number of lines you have to look at would be helpful. Anyway, thanks for coming out! Joe
  17. Well Done Geoff-- Awesome job. Love the color effects!
  18. LOL... Well, this year we put caster wheels on the bottom so I could just roll it up the driveway once I got all the lights on it. Worked pretty well!
  19. I don't call that cheating! I call it smart! Trust me, if I had one of those I'd be using it. Instead, I put my mega tree together on my back patio, and then go upstairs to the deck to attach lights at the top.
  20. I've had success cutting the walmart 60ct strings and others like them. You just have to look for the 2 wire center like you do with regular strands, and make sure that each side has it's own inline rectifier.
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