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    I run a website where I German and imagine other Christmas houses
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  1. This is a Christmas Light Show 2016 from the German Christmas house Neureut with Pixel Led's This Christmas house is also presented on the German Christmas house portal Weihnachts-Lichter.de
  2. My Christmas house in Hoya 15,000 warm white Christmas lights shines toasty warm in the dark Christmas. These Christmas lights will not animate for music. This Christmas house you can also see on the biggest German Christmas Lights Portal (www.weihnachts-lichter.de) also many other Christmas houses. Sorry for my bad english, because I'm a bit older German man and my english is not so good now.
  3. Excellent promo video. It has given me fun willing to look at it. Greetings from Germany's biggest Christmas lights Portal
  4. Great Video and great Work. The Video is so good, that i present this Video in the German Christmas Light Forum under this URL http://www.weihnachts-lichter.de/forum/showthread.php?tid=74 Sorry, for my bad english, i am a older german boy.
  5. @basketballmail2 Danke für dein Angebot mir beim übersetzen zu helfen Thank you for your offer me in the to help translate @all Thanks for the Nice welcome
  6. Only once before, unfortunately my English is very bad, that is why I use an online translator. Would like to try also briefly introduce myself here. My real name is Thomas and run one in Germany website presents the Christmas houses of Germany and other countries with their history to do so. Furthermore, I run a Christmas blog which deals with Christmas themes and presents that I am presenting also the news of the Christmas houses. I am also looking, to introduce other Christmas houses such as America and other countries for free. Best, it would be natural if also the opposing party
  7. The photos look Yes really great. Congratulations
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