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  1. Sorry to hear about all of the weather related issues. Here in Northern Calif we are getting a lot of rain and some wind, 15-30 MPH, not to bad. 30 miles away up the hill there is 2' of new snow and whiteout conditions. Had to turn off the airblowns but that is all so far, another storm tomorrow. You guy's hold on as this one is coming your way also.
  2. I stopped driving rebar into the ground when I punctured a sprinkler pipe
  3. vtxrider

    My 1St Year

    Well, this is my first year with LOR, started with 32 channels and used my existing 7,000 lights from my static display. Turned it on around the 3rd and have had a few cars stopping, not many. Last night (Friday) I had several at once a few times instead of the one at a time, and it felt good to know people were enjoying it enough to sit through the entire 20 minute show. So today I get my mail and what do I see, but 2 Christmas cards addressed to 'My Neighbor with the cool lights', and the other to 'The Neighbor with the Great Christmas Lights'. Both cards were signed by several kids and said how much they liked the show. This was a great surprise and really made my day, so now I get one of the reasons why we all do this. I have never met these neighbors, must live further away as i do know all of the ones around me, what a nice thing to do, and I hung the cards up right beside all the family and friends cards. Already making pland to double the channels and display for next year. Merry Christmas everyone! Jesse
  4. I do the same with respect to the outdoor speakers. My good neighbors have 2 small children that go to bed at 8:30, so I use a digital timer to turn off the outside speakers, but retain the Xmiter at that time. I use a 50watt 12VDC motorcycle amplifier that I had in the parts drawer.
  5. perhaps a polite note on the windshield asking her to please not block the Christmas display during the holiday season......... before the flat tires
  6. Great idea but won't work for me. We have a couple a BIG dogs that roam the neighborhood at night, along with the odd Opossum, Skunk, Raccoon, wild Turkeys, and coyote. As well as delivery and mail personnel. So I use a dedicated wireless alarm system with sensors staked next to display items as well as cable bundles. If any item is moved, lifted, or otherwise disturbed it sets of a rather loud siren. It works very well, as I found out when I re-positioned an item without first dis-arming the system with the remote.
  7. Congrats, I am glad everything went well. This is my 1st season as well, and my lights have been on for a week without any issues at all (knock on wood). We are supposed to get a storm Wed night with some 20-40 mph wind so I will be checking all of my tie-downs tomorrow, and may not light the display that night just to be on the safe side.
  8. Darn, great job both of you, I am judt going to have to learn to sequence better this summer. Problem is I spend my entire summer either M/C riding all over the country or Scuba diving in Hawaii, so by the time I am free to learn its Christmas already. Bummer
  9. Has anyone had a chance to attempt a sequence for the song 'What Child is This' by Elle Zamudio?. Love this version but haven't learned to sequence well enough to do it justice, even for my 32 channel setup.
  10. Use Audacity to export the file as a 128KB constant bitrate file and it should show up. Waveform cannot show a variable bitrate mp3.
  11. cacoulter has it right, use Audacity to save the mp3 file as a 128bit constant bitrate file. I had the same issue and this fixed it. Audacity is free, just load your mp3, then export as 128CBR and you should be good.
  12. I used to run a 100KW genset in the Army, powering temp forward camps. One of the safety checks was to check the toque on the relay pole nuts. Seems the slight vibration and solid thunk when engaging and disengaging can make the connector nuts work loose over time. So the 100 hour PM check included checking the connectors. You might think about 'star' lock washers to help prevent this.
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