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  1. Jim Looker


    Independence, Missouri
  2. I haven't heard who the other two winners are yet. As soon as it posted in the paper I'll go see them.
  3. I received a phone call today informing me that I won 2nd place in the local lighting contest. I won a $100 give certificate to a large hardware chain here. I'll be paying them a visit right after Christmas when there lights go on sell to stock up for next year. Then I received a letter yesterday from Missouri State Representative Assistant Minority Leader.... "I want to thank you for yourChristmas light show at your home. It must take a tremendous amount of time and energy to put it together. My family and I enjoy the light display very much. I appreciate your creativity and holiday cheer. Thank you for providing your display for the entire community to enjoy." It makes it all worth wild.
  4. I found a 100 pin cable in a computer surplus store for $10.00. I cut it in half and soldered it to a breakout board. Saving the other half for the other PCDIO96 card I have. Do a search on ebay for DAQ, or 100 pin. There's always one on there somewhere. Jim
  5. The first year I did a display sequenced to music, I sequenced everything to the beats of the music. If you can hear the music, it looked great. But for the neighbors out of hearing range, it looked like a mess. Now, I divide mydisplay into three sections. One section that dances to the music. One sectionof animated lights such as my house lights, my mega tree, andmy five 3 color mini trees. That havepreset patterns. And one section that comes on and stays on during most of the song, such as my border lights. I haven't had any complant since changing. And I must admit, I think it looks better. Jim
  6. I put a camera on the front of the house, soi don't have to get up any more to see if anyones out there. There's two car out there as I'm typing. Now that's obsessive. Jim
  7. No pictures, But I'm working on a video. jim
  8. Years ago I had a neighbor who did the same thing. If I had blacklights and strobes out for Holloween, she'd put them out also. At Christmas time she try to put up the same thing I did. So I fixed her, I automated my display, put up a 40 foot tower with a star on top. And about 4000 more lights then her. Not a problem. Just smile and wish them a Merry Christmas. Jim
  9. Well another lighting ceremony has come and gone. We lit them up on Thanksgiving night. Had about 50 guests for the lighting. The weather was great, about 58 degrees. Lots of cookies and hot chocolate for everone....... That was the easy part. The hard partlike a dummy was,I waited until the weekend before to start putting up my lights. About 15,000. Give or take a hundred or two. We decided to add nine raindeers to the display this year. So I was up the night before till midnight soldering up another control box for the eight more channels I needed. Then up till about 2:00am sequencing two new songs for the show. But it all worked out, the show went off without a hitch. Can't wait till next year. I have a few new ideas. But I think I'll start a little earlier. As soon as I can get my brother-in-law over here to film this, i'll try and geta movie upto see. Jim
  10. Comicemp, I run the line out of my computer to the line in on a $2.00 garage sale boom box. Then I plug a weatherproof speaker to the ext. speaker jack of the boom box. That way I have plenty of power to drive the speaker. Jim
  11. Mine is aScrolling LED Sign. About 6 inch tall letters. That say's ' Tune Your Radio91.1 To Enjoy The Audio Portion Of The Show'
  12. Kamahilights....You've got mail. Jim
  13. First off, Let me start out by aplogizing to Warbirdmedia and Kamahilight. Apparently you both PM'ed me with a question about my PCI DIO card, and i didn't see your emails or answer your questions. I recieved a new PM today from Synnie with the same question. I saw that I miss the other PM's. Sorry! When I installed my card, I also installed the Measurment Computing's Universal Library andThe Cyber Research Universal Library. Both have Instacal on them. It's been almost a year since doing so, so Idon't remember which oneLORdoesn't see the card through. I thinkit was the ResearchLibrarythat worked correctly. Instacal will see the card in both programs, but only one will work with LOR. I ran a cable from the card to a breakout board in a enclosure in the house. then I builtthree 16 channel boxes that went outside by the display. I connected them together withthree 50 ft DB25 to DB25 cables.(room for expansion)Then I have 12 SSR's also in theenclosure to run the lights attached to the house. If you need to know anything else, let me know. I'll try to answer in a more timely manner. Jim
  14. Try this site for boxes. http://www.hometech.com/techwire/boxes.html#GC-11CTEGYS Jim
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