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    Born in England, moved to Mi 16 years ago always been a big fan of the Christmas season.
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    Last year was my first year with 32 LOR channels and approximately 9,000 LED lights. Bigger and better this year!!

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  1. worksopian


    This is the first in a series of tutorials by John Storms, i think the second or third one has the visualizer stuff in it...very useful.
  2. I caught those on YouTube too.....very useful, in fact I am trying to use the method in the first video where he just has the 9 channel set up to no device purely for song interpretation. The beat pattern on this song is different!
  3. It's actually the beat that is beating me, with the off beat followed by the double beat....getting the timing right is very frustrating!
  4. I still have some pathway lights out that are frozen in ground and also icicles and roof lights to get to. Maybe this weekend if not too cold.
  5. I got mine at the local Walmart but that was a couple of years ago now.
  6. I have used the Led Keeper to fix strands of lights with great success but am having a hard time with the nets.
  7. I have a few nets with one or 2 zones out. I have the LED Keeper but don't really know how to isolate the fault. Anyone have any tips please? Thanks
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