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  1. I bought him too (from Menards). Not the biggest mold but I like the style!
  2. 1/2" electrical conduit here myself. cut into various lengths. Each mold I put a 1/2" hole int he bottom for it to fit snug. On bigger molds that can spun in the wind. I drill another small hole in the bottom of it and use a wooden dowel in that hole. Been doing it this way for years, 60+ mph wind gusts. Never fallen over.
  3. So I puchased this set of Union 40" candy canes off eBay. Did not come with bulb sockets. These require two bulbs. Is there a source out there for these, or do I need to soldier up something myself?
  4. Hot damn! Great collection! I'm jealous!
  5. I went ahead and purchased the old world santa. Like some have said it's not a huge mold. But I like his design.
  6. You all are making me jealous of your scores!
  7. So today I found this off a craigslist ad and picked it up, paid $40 for this? They could use a good cleaning and some small paint touch up.
  8. I know they make C7's that blink, any idea where I can get some?
  9. Wow I like that white one too!! I have an addiction to blow molds
  10. If this can help anyone remember, i'm pretty sure it was made buy the same company that made this wire tree.
  11. I have a small angel made by Union that I purchased in 1994? It is very faded, to a yellow tint, I haven't used it in years but I'd like to restore it and use it. Any suggestions?
  12. I have the ginger bread men and ginger bread tree but I didn't even realize they made this in the green. Super excited for my display this year
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