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  • My favorite Christmas story
    My favorite story repeats itself every year.
    I spend an enormous amount of time getting many people ready for Christmas.... so my favorite story is always coming home for the season and getting to relax and have Christmas with my family
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    Ozark, Missouri, USA
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    53 years old
    Run a farm and a Christmas wire frame building company.
    Been around planet Christmas for many many years....
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    Christmas Lights
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    Wire Frame Builder
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    I dont have a home display anymore. Once I started building large commercial frames , there was just no time to do both.
  1. Happy birthday Tom. Have a great day.

  2. Thought it might be fun to update this. Here's a picture that I took tonight of the Blue G 12"s that Rachel pluged in on Oct 2004. 4 years / 3 months / 10 days = only 3 burned out bulbs Forever Bright Brand...now holiday creations Cheers Tom ( Rachel's Dad)
  3. go to light wild and check it out there. they made it. go here to price one http://www.residential-landscape-lighting-design.com/store/PPF/Category/538_1_0_0_0_86_0_0_0_0/products.asp came out around 2005 ... give or take a bit Tom Ozark
  4. Tree topper they made... think spike ball. They have had it for quite a few years. Just redone with pure white / white wire / LED's I'll post some more as I resize the pictures Tom Ozark
  5. Tim you are correct... this video was taken the second week in August. During testing. It's also only one side of the tree. Not sure Why this very early version of the videois on winterlands site. Tom Ozark
  6. nothing blocked out that I know of. Maybe I'm missing what your refering to. Here's a peek inside Tom Ozark
  7. LOL.... thats funny... I didn't either till I went to the site you recommended. I finally figured out that itwas short for Trick or Treat... I read for about 30 min to figure it out. I just figured I was the one out of the loop on all the cool lingo.. When you come this way... call me Tom Ozark,mo edit for spelling
  8. Great site there Greg. Do you do anything for ToT ? I've been tempted many times ... I just haven't done it yet. Tom Ozark,mo
  9. maybe give Tim Keenan a PM on this ... he does a lot with robotics... even gave a class at PLUS Tom Ozark,MO
  10. do some PVC arches... then next year animate them .. or make them two colors and fade them back and forth with small fade controllers. If you use LED's then one fader will do a bunch of arches. Faders are only like 15 bucks. Tom Ozark,MO
  11. BillV Don't forget animated lighting stocks lights too. They might be able to help if the time crunch hits. also.. nice display... I just checked your web site. Tom Ozark,Mo
  12. I agree with David... use this time now to plan and wait for the sales. Then pounce on them. You can move things around in your current display and make it look fresh to the people that visit...and still have money left to buy presents. If you drop enough hints... you may just get some of the things on your list under the tree !!! Tom Ozark
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