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  1. Thought it might be fun to update this. Here's a picture that I took tonight of the Blue G 12"s that Rachel pluged in on Oct 2004. 4 years / 3 months / 10 days = only 3 burned out bulbs Forever Bright Brand...now holiday creations Cheers Tom ( Rachel's Dad)
  2. go to light wild and check it out there. they made it. go here to price one http://www.residential-landscape-lighting-design.com/store/PPF/Category/538_1_0_0_0_86_0_0_0_0/products.asp came out around 2005 ... give or take a bit Tom Ozark
  3. Tree topper they made... think spike ball. They have had it for quite a few years. Just redone with pure white / white wire / LED's I'll post some more as I resize the pictures Tom Ozark
  4. Tim you are correct... this video was taken the second week in August. During testing. It's also only one side of the tree. Not sure Why this very early version of the videois on winterlands site. Tom Ozark
  5. nothing blocked out that I know of. Maybe I'm missing what your refering to. Here's a peek inside Tom Ozark
  6. LOL.... thats funny... I didn't either till I went to the site you recommended. I finally figured out that itwas short for Trick or Treat... I read for about 30 min to figure it out. I just figured I was the one out of the loop on all the cool lingo.. When you come this way... call me Tom Ozark,mo edit for spelling
  7. Great site there Greg. Do you do anything for ToT ? I've been tempted many times ... I just haven't done it yet. Tom Ozark,mo
  8. maybe give Tim Keenan a PM on this ... he does a lot with robotics... even gave a class at PLUS Tom Ozark,MO
  9. do some PVC arches... then next year animate them .. or make them two colors and fade them back and forth with small fade controllers. If you use LED's then one fader will do a bunch of arches. Faders are only like 15 bucks. Tom Ozark,MO
  10. BillV Don't forget animated lighting stocks lights too. They might be able to help if the time crunch hits. also.. nice display... I just checked your web site. Tom Ozark,Mo
  11. I agree with David... use this time now to plan and wait for the sales. Then pounce on them. You can move things around in your current display and make it look fresh to the people that visit...and still have money left to buy presents. If you drop enough hints... you may just get some of the things on your list under the tree !!! Tom Ozark
  12. welcome to Pc there is a lot of info here... you can use the search function and get caught up ...so to speak ... on many ideas and techniques. Tom Ozark,MO
  13. I have 12 sets of the lights. so here's a quick run down on what I got into. The Lights are touchy. Turn them on as your laying them out. It will help you find a loose bulb on the spot. Have an entire spare spool for every 6 you buy. if a strand goes out ... give yourself about an hour to fix it..... otherwise get the spare spool. the look is really great. Just remember it's not a matter of 'IF' you have to work on them ... it's " when" you'll have to work on them. I had big plans for all my spools... and ended up deciding to use half of them and the other half as replacements. I really hope the manufacturing problems have been worked out. Because the look is great. All that being said... I will buy more. I just won't spend so much time trying to fix them ... and just roll out a new set right next to the set that died. Tom Ozark,Mo
  14. Like Bill I use these set ups for strobes....please watch your loads.
  15. Here was some thread on the super nova thing too. http://planetchristmas.mywowbb.com/view_topic.php?id=3591&forum_id=12&jump_to=33759#p33759 Tom Ozark
  16. he was referring to the dollar or two strings of incandescent lights Tom Ozark
  17. The LED's with removable bulbs fail rather quickly. Find a different way to attach the light or use a conventional light such as a mini or c7. the LED's that have replaceable bulbs have serious corrosion issues. Tom Herron Ozark,MO
  18. Tiffany I use Animated lighting products just like Ked...try this link to see if this l helps answer and questions. I use many Christmas kits at various customer locations and I will say that it's a great springboard to start learning. You can also make a few small trees and hook it up in-doors and play around with the hook up to see how things are. I have a bunch of Video of various Christmas kit hook up's ...so If you decide to go that direction let me know. http://www.animatedlighting.com/gallery/playvideo.asp?videoType=wmpHi&videoName=instructional%20video/ChristmasKitGettingStarted-256kbps.wmv Tom Ozark
  19. I also got 3 different color white LED's this year to try and find the warm type of light like Tim was looking for. I found one from GKI that was pretty nice. I'll go take a picture of them right quick and see if it will turn out for the fourm Tom Ozark
  20. Hey Zac if you want to see way into the future research ORGANIC LED'S... Think liquid....then think..what ever you paint ( like a wall ) can be that color. Tom Ozark
  21. I agree with Tim and Jeff.... These are great looking.... When you get the time please show us a how too... I am unfamiliar with working with light material and would really like to know how it's done.. My last attempt at working with styrofoam....the paint ate the darn balls.... I see in your profile that your a prop builder... I'm willing to bet you have lots of info you might be willing to share with us. ( only if you are willing of coarse ) Tom Ozark
  22. I wish there were some better photos of this place. I certainly can't find 250,000 lights....nice mega tree type there in the yard with some food lights on the house..... but I want to see the rest of the display. If there is 250,000 lights the reporter did a crappy job on taking pictures. He does seem to have a bit of an attitude. He must live on a main commercial road to have 45,000 cars a day. Tom Ozark
  23. Frank In my opinion if you get much more than 6500, your gonna be pushing it. Not only is the weight becoming a factor but your wind load is going to go up as well. Then ...since your in NJ you need to figure worst case...with a possible ICE LOAD. That recent storm that came through the midwest...sure took out a lot of "mega Trees"
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