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  1. Thought it might be fun to update this.

    Here's a picture that I took tonight of the Blue G 12"s that Rachel pluged in on Oct 2004.

    4 years / 3 months / 10 days = only 3 burned out bulbs

    Forever Bright Brand...now holiday creations


    Tom ( Rachel's Dad)


  2. Greg

    BRAVO !!! nice work. Very elegant display. I like the color wash on the house. Your display takes on the image of a lot more than 16 channels.

    I like your idea of having something in the back yard. I think I'm going to have to do a little something just for me in the back yard next year.

    I agree with the controller in the back yard next year too. Almost as cheap to have one back there as to run 500 plus feet of extension cord.



  3. do some PVC arches... then next year animate them .. or make them two colors and fade them back and forth with small fade controllers. If you use LED's then one fader will do a bunch of arches. Faders are only like 15 bucks.



  4. I agree with David...

    use this time now to plan and wait for the sales. Then pounce on them.

    You can move things around in your current display and make it look fresh to the people that visit...and still have money left to buy presents.

    If you drop enough hints... you may just get some of the things on your list under the tree !!! :D



  5. I have 12 sets of the lights. so here's a quick run down on what I got into.

    1. The Lights are touchy. Turn them on as your laying them out. It will help you find a loose bulb on the spot.
    2. Have an entire spare spool for every 6 you buy.
    3. if a strand goes out ... give yourself about an hour to fix it..... otherwise get the spare spool.

    the look is really great. Just remember it's not a matter of 'IF' you have to work on them ... it's " when" you'll have to work on them.

    I had big plans for all my spools... and ended up deciding to use half of them and the other half as replacements.

    I really hope the manufacturing problems have been worked out. Because the look is great.

    All that being said... I will buy more. I just won't spend so much time trying to fix them ... and just roll out a new set right next to the set that died.



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