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  1. If you're looking for Incan I have some red I can get rid of. I will see how many I have in the morning.
  2. Tom. I have the LOR floods. I'm only using two right now. You can come by and take a look. Ran out of $$$ this year and decided to buy 2 late in the season. Going to get 6 more and run 4 on each side of the house. This is my first year with LOR. Here's a clip. https://www.dropbox.com/s/leonz4fqmkp09w4/Its%20the%20Most%20Wonderful%20TIme%20of%20the%20Year.mp4
  3. On the top click tools and scroll down to Channel Configuration. That will display all the information.
  4. I'm on Long Island. This is my first year with LOR. I have been ill for over a week and now have a HUGE amount of work to do. Anyone out here?
  5. Not a good idea. The only place I've seen speaker wire used , and similarly cat-5, to carry power would be in low voltage dc environments.
  6. In the pictures it doesn't look that way. Only a male end. If it's spt-2 then we are in business.
  7. Do you need an amplifier for these?
  8. Just came across this. What female end would you use?
  9. This will be my first year with LOR. I'm in Glen Cove. Where are you?
  10. Is it sold yet? Does that include shipping? What's the lowest you would take? Anything wrong with it?
  11. I used 2 LOR rgb 10watt floods for a Halloween party with a DC card. They worked great and for $30 US they are fully assembled and have a 16 foot cord. Just my $0.02.
  12. I purchased the new LOR rgb flood. They came with 16 foot cords so it was enough for me.
  13. This is first year with LOR. I had to beg, borrow and buy sequences for halloween for a Halloween party at my sons school. I bought 2 rgb floods from LOR and a CMB24D. I think it worked out great. I'll attach a short clip in a few.
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