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    I repair my LED strings, down to the level of prying off the covers and replacing the actual LEDs. Most of them use the 3mm 'flangeless' style which I order in bulk from China. Problem is-- I can't match up the color of the 'purple' Christmas lights. The 'purple' (aka 395nm UV) LEDs I order do NOT match; they are a deeper shade of purple and not near as bright. The ones in the light strings are more of a lavender / fuchsia color, (possibly a combination of red and blue?). Does anyone know the name (not 'purple') of the color of raw LEDs used in Christmas light strings?
  2. So I'm debating buying or building a DMX splitter in order to split my yard into 'zones' and avoid so much wire criss-crossing the yard. I understand the reasoning/advantage behind opto-isolation, but the question is, do I really NEED isolation as it substantially increases the complexity and cost. There are some very cheap RS-485 to TTL converters on fleabay, 5 for $5 (US seller, even cheaper from China) and I was thinking of using 1 as the receiver, and connecting it's TTL data output to the TTL data input of the other 4 (as transmitters), and driving them all from the same 5V power su
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