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    I've decorated homes with holiday lighting since I was 12 years old. I'm now 37 and would love to finally make a career/living out of it.
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    Best in my neighborhood, but want to make it one of the best in my town.
  1. Actually, I have been talking to Valerie over there - she seems to have been doing a lot of business in these strands... hard to get some of these right now!
  2. I've used the vendors page to reach out to a few potential options for finding colored plastic LED clips for wireframes and white stranded/faceted LEDs, but I think going direct through someone in China would save a lot of money. I know a local business owner who sources direct and the pricing on his strands is nowhere near what most of the vendors I've contacted are wanting... in the $15-$25/strand range. Even for commercial grade lighting, that seems a bit steep. If anyone has any input or suggestions, please send them my way! Thanks!
  3. They do look pretty nice from the video! Did you attach them with zip ties? I've often wondered what would be the best method, as the 3M backing I'm sure wouldn't hold on the metal for an extended period of time. Also, going from color to color or section to section, how did you end up cutting and terminating? I see there are quick connect terminals, but they don't seem to be suited for outdoor use. I think most are soldering and using some sort of silicone with a rubber cap over the terminals. I live in Omaha, and there's a company called Brite Ideas decorating that makes a lot of wireframe and commercial decorations. They have a patent on their clip they use on M6 faceted stranded bulbs, and they use colored bulbs with colored caps, giving a really good result. But, I've looked into sourcing something similar from China and they don't seem to get my idea or they come back with something I don't like. If the strips worked well, I thought possibly they'd be a nice option.
  4. I've researched the idea of using LED strips that have the siliconized clear rubber on top of the LEDs on wireframes and have seen mixed opinions on this. Obviously, the biggest downfall I've heard about is the fact the LEDs lay flat and don't really emit a side-glow or 360 degree light that bulbs can give - but I have an idea of how to possibly address this. However, before I try to re-invent the wheel, I thought I'd check on here with all the experts to see if anyone has completed projects with a similar idea? I'd like to see something finished, if possible. And get the input of anyone that's done this (or tried it and gave up) Thanks! Dustin
  5. Thank you for your input! I just sent off for a DVD from a website that has a listing on here as a vendor... it's supposed to show you how to make wireframe decorations. I made payment and received tracking info on it last night and realized the ship from address was in Omaha, NE... which is where I am! I couldn't believe it. How many guys/companies are doing this type of thing in my market? I have wanted to work with the lighting business/industry since I was a kid and I may have missed the boat on the opportunity. Kinda disappointing if you know what I mean.
  6. Alright, I'm sure you get this nearly daily, but I've been decorating our home for nearly 20 years, and within the last 6-7, I began using "professional" wireframe decorations purchased from a local holiday lighting business. I know the owner of the business very well, and keep in touch with him regularly (or at least used to). During one holiday season, I created an online store that re-sold his company's decorations, and they drop-shipped them for me. But, I ran into a few problems. First, the margin he let me work with was terrible. By selling them through an online store after my fees and costs, I was lucky to make much, which really steered me away from doing it again. Since that time, the owner has been fairly hesitant to talk to me much and at one time offered me a job with his company, then revoked the offer saying he couldn't afford to hire me. After a lot of frustration and research, I found a supplier through a Chinese sourcing website that would make these wireframe decorations and ship them to the US. After I started contacting them and trying to figure out costs, etc i come to find out they were the same company making these decorations for the company here in town that I know the owner of. Once he found out I was in the same city, the factory in china said they wouldn't work with me. So, I basically gave up on all of them and I've decided I'd like to possibly learn to make some on my own as custom offerings and sell them that way. But here's my dilemma, I don't presently own a welder and I'd have to start out in my garage or basement. I'm handy with tools & I'm sure I could do this, but I don't have a large budget and would prefer to stay away from gas-based equipment for safety reasons. I'd also like to see some demo videos if possible of people creating these things. I've had a very strong interest in holiday lighting since I was a kid and would really like to have the chance to make a business out of it, and feel I've wasted almost 5 years of my time screwing around with this "friend" who has strung me along on a job and a potential business venture. Anyone with great advice and suggestions for seeing this through, please feel free to let me know. Thanks! Dustin
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