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  1. Might start today with some orange lights and maybe a song or two. If i record it though youtube always takes them down because of copyright with the songs....ahhh
  2. Really want to go to Expo this year. Daytona isn't too far from me. Anybody else from Florida going?😀
  3. Like the village setup. I would like to do something like this on top of some pillars inside my house, the trouble is the turning around on both ends. This looks nice though, very cool! Happy New Year!
  4. Love this stuff man. I did plywood cut outs with my dad, so they have a special place in my heart! Like the vintage ones too! Very cool!
  5. Thanks for the follow, just followed you back. 

  6. Happy Thanksgiving! Its a little early but i thought I would say it. Found some thanksgiving related blow molds.


  7. how do you hang lights in a big tree?

  8. Looking For Johnathan from Louisiana, meet him at the christmas expo...you out there buddy??

  9. Trying to think of a good display design for my house this year. I have 3 new cosmic ribbion "like" strands. I think I'll put them on the peaks.

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