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  1. Stefan I am also new the the site but my two pennies are to add some light around that cool front window with the arch. Looks cool.
  2. Just got one last night at menards where I live. They did not have them a couple of days ago, so I am gussing that they are getting them in. Hope that helps.
  3. I just wanted to introduce myself and to say thanks. I have been putting up lights for about 15 years now and every year it seems to get a little bigger. I found planet christmas a couple of years ago and I just looked at the information under the how do I section. I did not find the forums until this year I cant say how much they have helped. So to the people that ask the questions and to the ones that post the replys thanks and have a wonderfull holiday season. I tried to add some pictures to the post not sure if this will work.
  4. Thanks for the information I will have to look at the resistor since I did start with both red strings and white strings. The strings do not seem different in brightness between them and are working except for the one bulb one each string weather it was a white or red to start.
  5. What happens if you dont blend at the 2:1 ratio on the same string will you start to burn out LED's or will the resistor go?
  6. I am fairly new to the world of LED lights so I am looking for some help. I have built several candy cane cuttouts and I am putting led lights in them. I have taken a strand of white and a strand of red and mixed them so that each candy cane has one total stand of red and white led lights.I have been reading many of the sites and I am concerend that they will not last they year since the operate at different voltages. Has anyone done this before or are there things that I can do to make them last. I have powered them up and they look great but I have one light at the end of each strand or in t
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