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  1. Just stopped in at Target, they are now 90 percent off prices for lights and other Christmas decor. Managed to grab a total light count of 2500 K for under a $ 100, the lights are Phillips LED (mostly mini.) This is the first time for Phillips LED but at that price I can not see any complaints at my end
  2. I had to put the brakes on I too am way behind, started too late I tripled the lights my in display this year and should have started running lights the beginning of November. Plus was planning moving to LOR this year and completely underestimated the extension cords required, computer was in the shop till yesterday LOL Even with not getting what I wanted done the smiles on peoples faces tells me that what I did is appreciated and will do just fine and not to forget that next year is another adventure andy
  3. I am wondering if any one knows anything about the bearded shepard. I have never seen him before and he is part of group of blow molds I am getting rid of, but now I am thinking maybe I should keep that one. andy
  4. Hi I am wanting to add a virtual Santa this year and I am not sure what to get for a projector I do not want to spend a lot Have been eying Holiday Projectors any advice is appreciated thankyou
  5. Hi Louie I would like to get the led lights $ 1 each we are cheap in Canada
  6. Love to buy them but shipping to Canada might be a little nasty
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