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  1. I have an eight foot bumble that I use two seven foot green fence posts to secure. Never have had an issue from winds.
  2. This is from my 2014 Christmas display. Don't Stop the Santa Man is by Rock Sugar. Mitchell's Magic Christmas has 50,000 lights and is controlled by almost 300 channels of Light-o-rama. Visit our website at www.claremontchristmaslights.com
  3. I just hang them from my basement rafters and stack them three or four high. Smaller ones on top of larger ones.
  4. You can save all your burned out bulbs and send them to me. I'm building a dark room. I figure the more burned out bulbs I have, the darker it will be.
  5. What setup would that be?
  6. If it's a showtime controller unplug set unit id to 0 0 plug in for 10 seconds unplug and return id to original setting PC controller unplug pull the jumper off the pins at the upper right of the circuit board plug in for 10 seconds unplug and put jumper back on. (Make sure you get it on the same pins) plug back in.
  7. I guess they thought it was too early to watch Christmas lights. I had a car stay for about a half a song during testing the other night. I don't think they tuned in the music.
  8. Gotta put all them old C9's to use somehow, Bill LOL
  9. Common problem with LED's Add a snubber onto the line. Plug in a single C7 bulb at the end of the string or at least on the same channel. A glade plugin warmer will also do the same thing.
  10. I started Oct. 15th. My display is all set up now but I haven't wired anything up yet. I have 5 days off between now and Thanksgiving. It will take me three of them to get everything wired leaving me one for testing and one for all the final touches. So, no, it's not too early.
  11. I believe Home Depot has 4 X 4 sheets. I usually get 4X8 from a local sign shop for about $20.
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