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  1. This will be on my 3rd year with the sunsetter, works great, i have 4 guy lines from the top flag attach point, and another 4 from the lower attach point. The threaded top fitting is just right for attaching a star, there is a theaded section for attaching a eagle or somesuch. run a threaded rod down, put on a lock nut and you have a good mount for what ever you want to put on top of the tree
  2. My wife and I had a 3' high christmas tree in the bedroom, on a table for about 3 years. In March we would hang a shamrock on it and call it a St. Pats tree, Valentines day would get a valentine cutout,.... you get the idea. I liked it, the only problem was that after 3 years it collected too much dust. I took it outside and hit it with the leaf blower. no more dust, ......or decorations either. But it was nice while it lasted.
  3. Intersesting idea, here is another posibility..... the cones are "hard/soft plastic. Mark out a pattern on the outside, using a drill bit small enough to give a tight friction fit, drill out the pattern, insert the mini-lights from the inside, you can spray the normal orange cone a nice silver or maybe forrest green first of course. Personally I like the floral easel mini trees, butyour idea for using the cones may open up another "basic decoration group" Mega trees, wire forms, LEDs LOR and Cone Art may be the future of Christmas decorating.
  4. I finally took down the lights from my "midi" tree (14'), the deer are in a herd in a corner of theback yard along with my "forrest" of mini trees. I'll just gang them all together and throw a big tarp over them. The red maple in front has about 1200 minis on it, and probably still will when the '07 decorating season rolls around. I figure that if I don't hit the cords with the riding mower, the decorations are "put away".
  5. I made one of the cup spheres also, turned out nice. There was a thread last year that gave most of the construction details. I used a hot glue gun and spring cloths pins during construction and the hot glue gun tip to make the hole for the light. My only concern had be how to keep rain water out of the "up facing" cups. I solved that by covering the sphere with stretch pallet wrap (industiral saran wrap). Then next one I make I'll cover with model airplane shrinkable covering in colors. By the way Jeff, we had a great time at the mini-plus; I was just looking at the pictures.Give our best to your neighbors, "Mrs. "Flake" and her hubby.
  6. Funny you mentioned parachute cord, since I just got a "Sportsman's Guide" catalog and one of the items discounted were rolls of Parachute cord, in green and in black. I hadn't thought of using it for the mega tree but I think I will order a few rolls.
  7. I'm sure that all of PC will join me in saying ....."worse"? .....how?
  8. Lou, worst pun of the year. (but never pass up a chance to "zing". Really good oportunities come up so seldom.)
  9. I roll my icicle lights onto a large spool about 6" in dia and 15 of so inches wide. The spool originally held plastic tubing and allows the "legs" of the icicle lights to hang reasonable straight. I'll be "de-lighting" the iclcle lights around the house this weekend and will shoot some pictures.
  10. He was looking out for me also, but in my case the front 3 of 8 sections fell, leaving the back part intact, and looking pretty good if I do say so myself. Of course next year there will be a new and improved "star mount" (crows nest), (donut)? Lets come up with a good name for the thingie on top of the mega tree that holds all the top stuff together. Of course the term will be entered into the official PC dictionary of Christmas lighting components, right up there with the great ones like "triple taps", "tie-wraps", and that great oldie "zip cord".
  11. Be a bit cautious with the "bun foot". mine split along the glue line and dropped 6 sets of lights. Look for something stronger; I will for next year.
  12. That sounds like a challange...... For the next few months, without lights, what is there to do but "hack"?
  13. The website price is shown at $17.something. I called HF and the "voice" on the other end said that they were having a problem with some of the items. The item number for the clamp meter in my catalog with the 9.99 price is 42396-2jph. which is slightly different from the same item "on-line. Even at $17.00, I rather drop one of these on the driveway than a 200.00 Fluke.
  14. Harbour freight catalog just came and the good old clamp meters are 9.99 on sale, if you use the "order from catalog" form
  15. Check out "McMaster-Carr" (an industrial distributor) "weatherproof cord lock". Expensive. Electrical tape? Is the goal really to waterproof? If the plug ends are of good quality, and the connection is not sitting in water, a wrap of electrical tape or self-stick saran wrap should suffice.
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