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    the great christmas light fight 9 ET Dec 9. a 3 part seiries.
  2. the projector that I use is a "artograph " by brand name, the model is called a "tracer" hope this helps
  3. I use a tracing projector. It came from Micheals [ a craft store ] .
  4. Paul , how many acres is your display??? Mike E
  5. neat idea with the chair and belt Mike E
  6. Thanks ,this is a great tutorial...
  7. On smaller pictures and such I use a tracing projector onto paper [ gift warping or postal paper ]. I have been lucky with placing formed metal and welding on the paper [watch out for fire ]. I beveld [spelling] the ends of wire to be welded [ better looking weld]. Mike E
  8. I have used cutout patterns also. Most any picture or drawing can be used also. Mike E
  9. internet coloring pages make good templates Mike E
  10. Elevator bolts also called "sex nuts" used on door closer mounting Mike E
  11. I run 1 15 amp breaker for my display, leds means a bigger display for me. I run mainly wire frames and using leds I was able to add one 12' and two 5' trees. Mike E
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