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  1. skiedude

    lowes blowmolds

    All of the items pictured are from General Foam. I know from an inside source (My GF Account rep) that only a very few of the NorthEasternLowes carried any molds. Those of you lucky enough to have them should be happy folks. Clint BlowMoldsRUs
  2. Ok I think we got everyones emails out. If you did not get a response Please let us know. Thanks, Clint
  3. David, Stock is gone. We bought it. Building is sold and empty. Union is no more. Clint
  4. BlowmoldsRUs is one of the largest sellers of General Foam, Union Products and Drainage Industries on the Web but without a web site. We offer the exclusive General Foam School House, White Faced Witch, and Tombstone with Skeleton Wearing Derby Hat. We were also the ones who brought Union Product items to many folks earlier this year. We are a reputable seller with references from many folks on these boards. The BlowMoldsRUs catalogue is now ready in pdf format. It contains a list with prices off all items we have in stock as well as pictures and additional info. If anyone would like a copy
  5. Prices are based on quantities purchase. For example a $200.00 order will get better prices than a one piece $30.00 order. Send me a list of what you are inerested in and I will work you up a list of prices. Thanks, Clint
  6. Monte, No problem. Hope you enjoy them. Folks here is a list of what is left: Note: Some Items that have single C7 cords may be missing cords. All items that require Double cords will have double cords. Available Molds: green trees Ghost on Tombstone Special Red Hatter Snowman 40" Magenta Snowman 40" Hollywood Snowman Owl Pilgrim Male Pilgrim Female BELA LUGOSI Gingerbread house ghost on a pumpkin brown bear white bear haunted house Halloween wreath goblin with sign goblin blinking Santa bear elf w/cane elf w/sign Delux elf 33" lollipops Green 30" Ange
  7. Folks, We are back from vacation so if there is someone that I did not answer please resend the request or question. I apologize but the internet coverage was spotty on the ship last week. Thanks, Clint
  8. Last word from a "insider" was that the molds were still for sale. There were a few offers on the table but they were less than the scrap metal value. Clint
  9. Ted, Youve got mail Thanks, Clint
  10. If I have not sent you the list and you requested it please email or pm me again. I found out this afternoon that my email has been rejecting folks. I think I have gotten to everyone but holler if I missed you. Thanks, Clint [email protected]
  11. A friend of mine has access to the Union warehouse and is willing to buy and ship pieces. If anyone is looking for anything in particular let me know (pm or email). I have a spread sheet of what is available andthe costs. Obviously they will not make it to you prior to Xmas but it may be the last chance to get any of these molds for a while. Clint
  12. Try using two pieces of prefab wood fencing from Lowes or Home Depot. Take the fence and put two large hinges where the two pieces join. Next take two 2 x 4 s and hinge them for supports in the front. When you are done you will have a fence piece at the back and a fence piece for the roof. The 2x4s will be the pillars in the front. If you hinge everything the right direction it will fold fairly flat for storage. The only problem is that you have to tie the back down to keep it from rolling over in high wind. Clint
  13. 3/4 or 1/2 inch electrical conduit works great, especialy for Union molds that have the small hole in the bottom. Clint
  14. They seem to be popping up all over the place. Last night on TV Best Buy had a comercial where they destroyed a union Snowman. And this weekend they had a bunch of molds on both Desperate Houswives (wifes's show) and Boston Legal. Maybee they are making a comeback.At first glance it looked like bothshows had both Union and GF molds.I even saw the big (60")santa made by GF that I just got in the mail yesterday. Clint
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