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  1. Been lazy. Havent done much other than drill more holes for white lights and haven't installed the red lights yet. I took all the connectors off of the white bulbs so I could drill more holes and yesterday I hooked them all back up (white only) and now they dont light.. so I know there is either a broken bulb or loose connection.. ugh! Thats why I am lazy.. sort of detaching myself from the tedious task thats ahead. Lol maybe this morning I will get to it thanks, Douglas Johnson "Skrach" www.VividlyVintage.com
  2. Thanks for all of those suggestions. I have added more white lights to bring the lines together and planning to do a border color of red lights and plan to do a black background and white paint behind the script thanks, Douglas Johnson "Skrach" www.VividlyVintage.com
  3. Here are photos of the sign. thanks, Douglas Johnson "Skrach" www.VividlyVintage.com
  4. I started a diy project using a piece of wood with holes drilled into the wood f or lights to be put into that spells out merry christmas.. I wrote "Merry Christmas" in a simple cursive and started to drill holes. I put the lights in and plugged it in.. it is hard to read.. any suggestions? thanks, Douglas Johnson "Skrach"
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