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    Maple Shade, NJ, USA
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    I have a history of being angry. I'm over that. I have learned to ignore that which offends me.

    I Love Christmas Lights, and other people who love them too.
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    Attracting people to the street in front of my house to see the lights blink and flash to the beat of Christmas music. Not much other than that. I can't think of anything else I'd rather do.......
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    Relay Technician for a Public Utility
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    It's controlled by Light-O-Rama. I love Light-O-Rama. All I ever think about is Light-O-Rama controllers and software. It's fun. It works. It makes things easy. The people from Light-O-Rama are kind. They listen to their customers requests. They continue to develop thoer product to do new and wonderful things. I am already planning for the 2009 sale to get more Light-O-Rama products.

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  1. Weekend's coming! Looking forward to it... Jeff
  2. In the last four years I've had the pleasure of meeting quite a few local and also a few cross-country decorating/synchronized lighting enthusiasts. Three times they've come to our home to visit with folks who have the same interests we do. I'm thankful for my lovely wife and our neighbors, and their tolerance of my desire to have you folks back year after year. I'm also thankful that we were able to do the things that made these gatherings a success. The ability to share and spend time learning from each other is a wonderful gift. I am blessed that each event was a great day, and I came away with new friends and ideas. Thanks you everyone who came... and everyone who came in spirit, or even phoned in. I can't stop thinking just how nice the day was, even with the rain... (the $$$ I've saved on the sprinkler system this year might come in handy during next year's planning...) Jeff
  3. I'll be there and bring what I can. Dawn has opted out so I'll be there stag... Girls?!? AL, MJ, Jen?!? I took that Friday off so work can't pre-empt this trip... Jeff
  4. Dear Frank, It was a pleasure, and an honor to meet you this past weekend. Thank you very much for taking the time to drive down to be part of the group. I cherish the thought that people care enough about this hobby/passion of ours to make the journey across state lines, or across the country to participate in a small group of us "non-civilians" Getting together with the sort of folks we met with this weekend, makes the dose of negativity I sometimes see here just vanish away. Don't get me wrong, I still find the other two more "adult" forums to be much more befitting of my personality. As for your sense of humor... I get it, I think it's a good one, I like it, and think it fits you well. Thank you again for being here. Your warm smile is one in a million! Jeff
  5. Sorry for the HiJack... Gary, One of the first things I did after discovering this hobby was to request an upgrade to the pole mounted transformer that feeds 9 homes on my street. If you recall the discussion about the singing breaker panel... then just imagine the looks on the faces of my neighbors when a full display shimmer made the lights in their homes do the exact same thing... :santasmileyitty: Hey, Merry Christmas, I made your lights flash! Jeff
  6. In 4KV distribution at the Utility where I work, there are Voltage regulators at the substation Feeder breakers. They are little more than an individual transformer for each of the three primary phases. There is a CMV (contact making voltmeter) connected to a small transformer located inside the Regulator tank. Its function is to monitor the voltage the Feeder is providing to the circuit. At 4PM in the summer, when people start to get home from work and crank up Air Conditioners, turn on TVs, and various other appliances... the CMV senses a dip in voltage and steps the Regulator to increase the voltage. Our regulators have the ability to increase or decrease by + or - 12 volts. The setting for a short feeder (a circuit located near the substation) is 123 volts. It will adjust up when it reaches 121, and times out after 90 seconds. It will adjust down at 125 after 90 seconds. The purpose of this is to try to keep the line potential at 123 volts after transformation. If you're seeing 122 volts, you're right inside the window of the standard set by our state's Board of Public Utilities (121 to 125) If your distribution is 13KV (7.2KV Phase to N) there isn't a need to have the individual feeders regulated. The station bus potential is monitored by a CMV at the station's transformer that converts transmisson voltages to distribution levels. The individual circuits have pole mounted capacitor banks that have a switch which is operated by a control with a CMV in it. Closing in the Cap bank will increase the voltage locally a couple volts depending on the number of caps in the bank. Engineering will determine voltage drops by distances, testing and complaints. Then banks will be added to adjust the voltage so it's common along the circuit. Their target is the same 123V + or - 2V mandated by the NJ BPU. Taking into account the tolerances in the manufactering process when making all this hardware, I'm really amazed when I set this stuff up and find that it actually works to keep the voltage at the levels required. It might take it a couple minutes to sense the voltage and react, but if you watch it during the time of day when the load switches from buisness to residential... you can see it react. It's really obvious at 4PM in the hot summer. I'm on a fused radial 13KV single phase. Right at 4PM I've seen it dip as far as 105 and recover to 123 in less than just a few minutes. It's pretty neat knowing that something I helped to maintain is what caused that... Jeff
  7. And you can easily submit your links to be added to the list Links available there... Jeff
  8. Decent used XP machines are available on eBay for very little $$$. I got a nice Dell desktop with a keyboard, mouse and powered speakers for under $200. It was the only one of it's type that had a video card capable of connecting to a Digital monitor, so it takes a little looking to get what you need. I have a question related to this subject: Does anyone else trash pick computers? I have a job that has me driving a company van all over the place. I scan the trash for computer cases and grab every one I see. It's really paid off a couple times recently. I found a mint condition Dell 8400 that was loaded with upgrades, and even had the original restore disk in the drive. There was a bad ram chip in it. I found 2 GB on eBay for $25. There was a pink sticker on the side of it that told me they had taken it to BB to have the geeks look at it. It's been turned into a DVR for the bedroom TV. One person's trash... Jeff
  9. http://www.diychatroom.com/f18/sub-panel-grounding-13219/ Post #4 gives some good insight on the issues of objectionable ground current. Those who don't understand what the issues are here, might have a look and get some schooling... Jeff
  10. Completely true, true, true! Rob, There are several very qualified people pointing out something to you that you haven't acknowledged. Bonding neutral and ground in a sub panel will result in the current that is returning on the neutral to be divided. Half of it will flow in the neutral and half of it will flow in the ground. This violates the entire principal of the purpose of the ground. It's an objectionable current path that is easily avoided by adding an isolated neutral buss in the subpanel. They're inexpensive and easily obtainable at Lowes, HD and every Electric supply house in the country. If you Google "sub panel" you'll see a laundry list of sites that describe the dangers of sub panel construction, along with the dangers of neutral current flow in the ground lead. You need to stop, take a step back, and fix this issue before you need the safety net of that ground. Jeff
  11. Beeiilll, I like you more and more each and every little thing I read by you! Tim, I get the same thing where they talk as if you're just a part of the display. Some bizarre Elf sent to fix burned out lights... Another thing I get is people passing by on foot during construction, who want to stop and talk... and talk... and talk... It's very difficult to get anything built if you're trying to participate in a conversation. I don't mind a short discussion, but I've had folks stay and talk for more than an hour. Dawn has gone as far as to come to the door and call me for the phone, or dinner to help end a conversation. I'd love it if they'd come and talk after the display is up and running, but I don't get a word after that. It's always when I'm working to put things together. In the summer it happens as soon as I pull the lawn mower out front. I fixed that by starting it in the backyard, but on two occasions I've had someone walk up and start yelliing over the mower... The best one was the day I rented the trencher to dig up the yard for the sprinkler system. I've got 4 hours to dig up 600' and clean and return it... and spent at least an hour explaining what I was doing before Dawn came out and started to run block for me. Three days later I was hand digging the area I missed because of the distractions, and doesn't the person who was the distraction critisize me for not using the trencher when I had the chance? Jeff
  12. Here here! Each and every little story I hear makes me glad I haven't invested $$$$$$$$$$$ in LEDs to this point. Good points Terry! Jeff
  13. Green Jackhammer (from sunbelt) Was probably swayed because I need to break up the driveway in the next week. ...or I'm just "Abbie Somebody" Jeff
  14. I think you need to take a few minutes and look carefully at what you're comparing. I'm not going to compare the prices, but I will point you to the pages so you can make the comparisons for yourself. This is the sale page for the CTB-16PC controller, complete, assembled... This is the page for the Showtime controllers... The PC line is the one with the plastic case. The Showtime version is made with the steel cases. IMHO you are comparing apples, and... a more expensive series of oranges... Jeff
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