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  1. This looks very promising! I'm interested since I'll probably be heading towards RGBs this year and can see that magnitude of programing.
  2. Does anyone know about the GE lights that Costco has that look like RGBs? If so, when is someone going to hack these for us (Light Programmer Users) to use? GE Lights are 40' length with 50 lights...cost approximately $65.
  3. I'm in Perris...I've done my show for 5 years (1 year skipped due to out-of-country vacation).
  4. True, he state in later in another forum page that the sale would end on Jan 29 but the original page did state "through January"... we're still in January.
  5. Whoops, thought I can order on-line and waited to this evening after work. My bad! Didn't know it was a phone order. Hopefully, I can still get in.
  6. Do you have to use one per each LOR or can you daisy chain from one set?
  7. Home Depot has $3 off of Christmas LEDs (up to 5 set) in exchange for trading in a set of regular christmas light. They give you a coupon that can be reused, just ask for it back. It states on the coupon to return the coupon to the customer. Therefore, you can use it again, and again. They also have a sale price (by $1) for the 50ct mini dome (cool white) to $5.97 and 200ct m5 (cool white and multi) to $24.97 ($10 savings). And yes, you can use the coupon on the sale items.
  8. OK, half of my third light string (3 out of 4) has gone out for Halloween. This happened to one of my blue for Christmas. I've got about 2 dozen of the Philips so I'm not looking forward to using them for Christmas again if this keeps up. Anyone having the same problem? Got them from Target. I'm in Cali with no rain so corrosion. My 1st blue one had corrosion problem since it was near a sprinkler. Philips uses two different metals (steel/iron and copper) to make the contact between the LED and socket. Therefore, add water and your asking for corrosion trouble.
  9. My costco has LED C9 Multi strand and Plastic (6" or 9") Clear Ornaments (w/ 36 LEDs) in cool white, red, and green. The ornaments come 2 to a box for about $17. SAMs has halloween LED orange lights. And the (buying) season begins...
  10. Are they hard-wired or will there be adapters to increase the spacing?
  11. Have you tried the following site? www.californiachristmaslights.com
  12. Has anyone seen where you can get these? They're sequenced light sticks usually made with LEDs. Once that I've research have 96 LEDS. Similar to a fire stick but in reverse (falling LEDs lights).
  13. Just picked a dozen up this weekend. What a buy!
  14. I'm looking for several HD LED net light. I'll trade or buy. Sent PM to you.
  15. Whoops, forgot about the sale...DARN! Guess I'll have to buy cheap half-waves.
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