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    The Original Grinch
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    Forest Hill MD
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    Retired CWO4, U.S. Coast Guard. Currently work for the Federal Government.
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    Christmas Displays, Shooting Sports, Kayaking.
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    Logistics Management Specialist
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    Some plywood cutouts, house lighting and blow-ups

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  1. How did I miss this? πŸ€” Thank you Mel!
  2. New addition to the plywood cut out collection this year.
  3. Interested in how you make out as I just ordered these plans and was wondering the same thing?
  4. Thank you donna123! 😊
  5. My FIL passed this angel down to my wife this year, but did not have a box, remember who made it or where it was purchased, other than PA. My wife remembers it being displayed when she was a young girl and she is 56 now, so it is likely 50+ years old. It measures roughly 13” tall x 8” wide. I am a blowmold novice but would be interested in any additional information on manufacturer, history, value (priceless to her 😍), etc. Thank you in advance!
  6. With the help of my wife and daughter with detail painting we were able to get the nutcracker out on Christmas Eve, better late than never. 😏
  7. Thanks for sharing, looking forward to watching this progress!
  8. Great display, thanks for sharing! 😊
  9. Here is the latest addition to our β€œGrinch” display. My wife and I really enjoy making these together.
  10. Thank you jrbryant. They were definitely a team project with my wife doing the detail painting.
  11. Here are this year’s additions to my small display. I need to be selective with a townhouse size yard. ?
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