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  1. Not all Lowes but some will, If you bought at full price, and they mark it down, will refund the difference, depending on when you bought it
  2. I went on line to order a couple of inflatables, but refuse to pay $80 shipping. Cancelled the order. I don't need them that bad. also a bad Goodwill today A employee on lunch bread was going through the store snatching up everything that was of any value, I am standing in front of a couple of things, he reaches right in front of me and in his buggys it goes. come to find out he resales the stuff. May be legal but not right since he knows what is there and prices, hope he was not the one pricing them oops lunch freak, but who knows he could have had lunch bread
  3. most stuff that the store is sold out of is available on line just order a good bit
  4. here is the half page photo the Cartersville Ga Tribune put in Sunday paper and here is the link again to the story http://www.daily-tribune.com/stories/christmas-cheer-kingston-couple-transforms-property-into-winter-wonderland,23808?fbclid=IwAR3Z_kwfNnLG86c0aQG7HTRTO_GwJNUHENLLFyM1qrF-UnJQ14l-FvPLJ34#.Xe8DaHShXzN.link
  5. xenon

    Local Paper

    Well here is our story in the Sunday paper, needless to say, we are very excited about this coverage, http://www.daily-tribune.com/stories/christmas-cheer-kingston-couple-transforms-property-into-winter-wonderland,23808?fbclid=IwAR3Z_kwfNnLG86c0aQG7HTRTO_GwJNUHENLLFyM1qrF-UnJQ14l-FvPLJ34#.Xe8DaHShXzN.link
  6. I got lucky/ bought a pallet of laser lights, about $3.00 each. guess what, the transformer is the same one almost all of Gemmy small inflatables use. needless to say I have sold about 70. interesting though on these converters, both ones I bought and ones with Gemmy product, voltage varies with a volt meter, usually around 10 volts, have not had time to see it if goes up under load
  7. Been here a while, not much time to be on. I know the blow Mold soliders from Lowes have been talked about here. Bought 2 this weekend. also bought Santas small mailbox just from laying them in the back seat of the car, about half of the black paint on its cap rubbed off before I got home. No problem to repaint which I did We have a lot about 300 Gemmy Christmas inflatables, and found it interesting that Gemmy also makes these blow molds. Hope they can improve their paint. other than that no complaints. Wonder if they might add animation to some blow molds la
  8. xenon

    Local Paper

    they cam back yesterday for more pics. we will be a feature in the Sunday paper
  9. xenon

    Local Paper

    http://www.daily-tribune.com/stories/dtn-12_4_2019,23772#.XekRyNgfjM8.link not sure I added tis link correctly
  10. xenon

    Local Paper

    So I m out in the yard working and I turn around and there is a guy taking pictures. little did I know....
  11. xenon


    bought two sets for $50, got them, found out they only work on iPhone gen 5 or newer, sell was going to refund, said he had 37 boxes he did not know what to do with. I sail make me a good price he did bought a used iPhone for $50 lights for $370 included shipping right there are no other items,only some high priced color wash lights. and they took some features away in the software, but over all I am happy with them, we have about 400 feet of fence on front, they work great on it, and the hosue too hope to post pics when I have time
  12. xenon


    orginally probably had 40 sets of applights now only about 6 work switched over to Lumenplay much cheaper at about $10 per box of 24 with controller
  13. xenon


    they can be finicky, they do not do well with my wifes android phone, but work much better with my I phone just a thought
  14. it is not weather proof but is in a case that protects it pretty good
  15. been working on this about 6 months off and on, more off than on. Now got to figure out how to move it. has wooden gears, about 12 rpm
  16. xenon

    Street light

    I used to work for the local power company, Many times if the light was a problem , we would put a shield on one side, or we would actually disconnect the light until after the holidays or with your style light, would be easy to cover one side of the light
  17. it goes without saying I was at Lowes when the doors opened for 75 % off and bought at least on of each inflatable they had left, I got 10 total did anyone buy the inflatable arch with the projector, reg cost $249 I got one for about $60 was very pleasantly surprised when I opened it and it had a fully functional video projector with spker and remote. plan on using it Christmas just don't know where yet
  18. Well with mixed feelings, and after being burned out on App lights, I took the plunge and bought 30 boxes of LumenPlay lights., cost around $10 a box, each box comes with a starter, but you can connect 10 strings to one connector. several drawbacks, they did away with the programable timer in the app, and you no longer can download your own music to the app, and now it only works on iPhone gen 5 or newer. but over all I am pleased with them hope to post pics soon, just been really really busy like all of yall I am sure. really behind on decorating, but it will come together
  19. What? been working on Christmas 3 weeks😀😀
  20. Sorry have been off line so long, just super busy. I bought a couple sets of Lumen Play lights to put on the house. so far I like what I see, able to control with phone app, set on off time, set light color, sequence, speed, etc.does any one use these or have you had any major issues with them. I have a opportunity to buy them at about $12 per string of 24 about 24' long. only about 1000% better than the old Applights I used to use
  21. My first real attempt at building. carousel will be about 6' tall. have rotation worked out with a two large wooden gears, but really would like to be able to have poser on the carousel. Help?
  22. good luck, sure there is a way to do it. looks like you are on the right path
  23. am sure you can put snow in it, but doubt it will blow around. I have almost quit buying any inflatable that has a AC DC adaptor. they just do not hold up and last very long. let us know how it goes
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