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  1. i would try the 24hr autozone to see if they are open. im not sure if walmart would have it or not. the type you need is 15A, 250V, Ceramic Fast acting. if you need anything i have a healthy suppply of repair parts so feel free to contact me
  2. I live in indiana 20 miles west of lawrenceburg so i dont know how far your willing to drive to meet?
  3. where in cincinnati are you? I might be willing to meet you depending where you are. I have a carton of 500 fuses ill be glad to give you plenty
  4. I work part time in home theater at best buy and the only led's we have that post over 25% profit margin are the lg infinia's the run approx 35-40% margin and the samsung 8000 and 9000 series about 30%, the 3d tv are the one that are the profit monsters right now. the panasonic vt series has almost 45 points in margin in that badboy. the lg 3d has 40 points in margin that's actually the only reason i work there is for the discount, we get it for what best buy pays for it not to metion right now as an employee sony offers us an aditional rebate for buying their tvs i suggest if you really wan
  5. would that particular person's company be located in your state?
  6. sometimes i think we all get blinded by such great deals we loose a sense of reality of what is right, i and everyone else should give you props for realizing this
  7. I think that you and many others are missing the point. These coupons were obviously given to members of the touchstone energy cooperatives in their newsletter, and I am more than sure it was probably an oversight that it was included on their on line version. Its kinda strange that if you go and look at the newsletter again the area where that coupon was is now a blank space. When GE provided that coupon they probably had a range of how many of these coupons they we expecting to be redeemed. now with all of these "illegitimate" coupons being reproduced against what the coupon "clearly" states
  8. Makes you want to ask WHAT WOULD JESUS DO?
  9. Im not sure, I will no longer be purchasing residential grade lighting anymore, ill be purchasing all my led's from paul at creative displays during the jan presell
  10. If all goes well with my new client this year I am planning on converting to all led next year. so that means that i would need to get rid off the close to 9000 sets i have, and i would say that 6000 of them are still new in a box. I took full advantage of the economy crash two years ago to score as many lights that i could. so I would be willing to sell these to you for a decent price. I live in indiana but i also own a home in Portland Tn not too far from you so next spring ill be willing to bring them down and meet you. BTW here is a picture of just one of the trips i made to walmart
  11. After someone asked in the LOR forums about how to convert their Itunes music to mp3 I thought i would share with you a "Hidden Jem" in Itunes that allow you to convert your music to either mp3 or wav without having to use external software. will add link to video soon
  12. I know that its not in ohio but if you want to see a very large animated display we recently contracted with the city of Rising Sun Indiana to do their riverfront park directly next to the Grand Victoria casino. We are decorating right now but will reply back to you with operating hours once I meet at the next city council planning session
  13. stock sizes http://dazian.com/cgi-bin/projection_screens.pl also they have a great product called trapeze plus, it is a strechable screen material it comes in 10 foot widths and can strech to 14 ft $25.95 linear yd http://dazian.com/html/audio_visual_intergration.html
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