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  1. Hey Everyone Wal Mart had some pre lit 3 and 4 ft trees markd down 75%. But they were marked indoor use only. They were really cheap, and I considered using them as accent pieces outside, but did not purchase them because of the "indoor only". ANybody every use these outside, and how did it work out? Thanks
  2. Bought 20 lighted candycanes for 74 cents each. SCORE!!
  3. i will be posting a few pics of my static display soon, but have multiple goals for next year 1) add animation elements while keeping most parts of this years display mostly static 2) Add more color (multicolor strings get a little confusing), so will cut down their usage 3) add at least 3k more lights 4) add one large element 5) add santa and reindeer to roofline
  4. Okay thanks. So how did you secure them to the roof? Wide angle brackets,without physical attachments?
  5. DaveMal585- Not sure I follow you.
  6. I am just wondering how you might set up a rooftop display. My wife wants to add a Santa and Reindeer to our main ridgeline next year. I can't figure out how to secure it without screws into the shingle (a very bad idea). Does anybody have a method they use? or some ideas? Thanks!!
  7. wow. 3 years in? How exciting!! Only made about 8000 lights this year. No animations, but already planning to add another 3 to 7000 lights next year for a total of somwhere between 10 and 15k. It will be a mix of static display, and animated. Kinda small street exposure on the street. I have at least the next 9 months to figure out how it all works, and design the display!!
  8. Very nice!! Something I may try to add, as one of my first animations!!
  9. Okay, really newbie here. So new, I don;t yet have a display!! I am working on a static display with about 10,000 lights. I will be making the rounds of those in the Wichita Kansas area who let me see their work in the daytime, so I can kinda figure out where to go with this. I may try a short animated piece with about 3000 of the 10,000 lights or so planned for the static display. I am just a little leery, not only in getting it done properly, but catching the bug, and not stopping.....ever....I have a habit of sometimes letting my hobbies becoming....well, lifechangers.
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