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  1. not sad at all ... not quitting .. last time I sold everything off I way over tripled in size so that means this time if things are consistent it should be 1 million lights and who knows how many channels .. it is a good thing and the guys who are buying my gear are getting their dreams fulfilled It is all good and beautiful and can only get better ))
  2. Today Only we are selling the 16 channel DMX Lynx controllers with cords and case for $80.00 plus shipping and paypal fees. Shipping is averaging $30.00 each they don't fit in a flat rate box. so that is $113.00 each.
  3. Everything must go .. including the 2 12 by 20 sheds that I have it in ... this is likely the best video to see the size of this display This is LYNX gear Approximately 1024 channels give or take a few complete with wireless stuff as well http://youtu.be/XvPNl_v-T4g make me an offer for everything and it could be yours .... most of it is left but I am selling it by parting it out.. check out the other videos that are there as well.
  4. blearning

    Roll Call Ga

    Just checking in since I am most often on facebook
  5. blearning

    GA Mini?

    there was discussions of a mini and of a Meetme. I hosted the last Georgia one and Michelle hosted one before that. I talked with Michelle a while back and she was thinking it is time to have another. She just had a new grand baby come in her life so she will be around after things settle down. there is a few of on facebook as well. look for me bill.learning
  6. there is at least 7 LOR controllers in this batch the rest DIY. They are in the g1500 cases from your broadband store and have cors alreay attached. they range in 1 to 3 seasons old but all are in working order and ready to plug in I am just moving out some of the LORs right now .. Make me an offer. 1 or 7 of them [ATTACH=CONFIG]41678[/ATTACH] They have heavy duty heat sinks cords and are in a case ready to plug in, don't offer less then then they costs please. Let's get to closer to $170.00 each. thanks
  7. I noticed your old address is still posted on tacky lights web site. I hope we can make the drive out to your new place. Will try and route that way as we go by Joey's and Shane's coming straight down 92. Been a busy year here, I finally got the minimum stuff set up that I wanted, but as of this writing, still only have one song sequenced. Last two nights I sat down at the PC, the first night, in the recliner, with the laptop and earbuds I was looping the song over and over to get a visual in my head and fell asleep listening to it with the laptop still in my lap. Next year, no major changes, sequence a song a month during the year, and if I add channels, I'm buying the controllers already made up :)

  8. the list is still here http://soundoflight.fairyweb.com/?paged=3 let me know by email or by The blog page and I will get it updated. Good to see everyone back and Live.
  9. Happy T DAY, Lights are on and I am filling my face.
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XvPNl_v-T4g. I was in Smyrna Last Year. with 7 houses. This year 1 house with ~60,000 lights and 400 channels. 3299 Spreading Oak Drive. A few blocks from Arbor Place Mall. see the website for more info.
  11. Wow I see if you get busy ... things do change. Cool new stuff coming up, new folks coming on line (Welcome) and more places to visit this year. Lists to update. Lights to be hung. I'd Love to get my hands on some rainbow Floods. This year I am out in Douglasville with about 400 channels about 60,000 lights. Not as big as last year (7 houses) just a single house. I was way too busy moving and working. New item this year I call the tower of light. Actually will turn the night into day. I think they might even see it from space *LOL* Today I did get some blinky flashy in the yard. SO I am about on track for light up in 17 days.
  12. Ok here ya go, the tape measure is stretch out to 4 feet and leaning up against an 18 gal tote
  13. ok ... I can get 10 to 15 on a pallet .. then shrinked wrapped. about 300 LBS .... A guesstimate would be about $250, Of course when I mentiond Wreaths Christmas and residential ... they said specifically this is only an estimate. If you can get to the trucking terminal for pick up .. you could save some extra cost.
  14. and I might add alot of work ... *SMILE*
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