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  1. If memory serves, this has happened before at this time of year. Perhaps PLANET-CHRISTMAS just needs to have off line "scheduled maintenance" every year during the second week of January so everyone can decompress.
  2. Well my only question is when? Since the stores will be open tomorrow ((01/01/08), does that mean they change prices at the strike of midnight? Or 3am? Or 6am? Anyone that actually knows please advise.
  3. I love this thread! Someone needs to compile all of these that have been posted through the year and publish it. I can see it selling out at the next PLUS faster than L.E.D.s at 75% off.:waycool:
  4. Whenever I do an interview, one of the points I stress, is that one does not need to go crazy with decorations for Christmas to be appreciated. When I drive by a home, and it just has one or two strands of lights, I'm happy because it shows they care about showing the spirit of Christmas by brightening someones day with those lights. Wouldn't it be wonderful if everyone did that?
  5. I'm not a "light guy" (nor do I play one on TV) but I'd like to see this question presented as a poll. BTW I would vote for the continued dominance of L.E.D. lighting and the affectsand effectsthey've had on the hobby.
  6. pnewcomb1 wrote: :waycool:HOORAY:waycool: I found one in Watertown S.D. A big thanks to everyone that helped all the way to Chuck Smith for establishing PLANET CHRISTMAS.
  7. While I don't have any pickle buckets, I do agree with your post. Another way to look at it, ice and snow that is, why fight it? Leaving things inflated seems to be asking for trouble. I just use plastic tarps to cover mine and then everything is good to go after the storm.
  8. When you have figured out (and don't think twice about it any longer) the time of dayby looking at your countdown clock. i.e. 14days, 3hours, 15minutes = December 10th 8:45pm
  9. vegasryder wrote: I have that as well and I thought it would look nifty to have his head come up out of one chimney while his legs go down in the other. So no one has even seen what I'm looking for?
  10. Can anyone tell me where I might find an inflatable that portrays Santa's legs going up and down (or in and out) of a chimney? I can't seem to locate one.
  11. ChuckHutchings wrote: Thank you for the kind offer. I use just one "strand" of rope light as well. This one came with a regular 110v plug so I have it lit, I just want it to "chase" as well. Can anyone suggest a good place to purchase chasing rope light so I can use it for next year?
  12. So I've been using a rope light in oneplace for about ten (10) years now and I decided it was about time to change it out. I purchased a new one, set it all up and was about to plug it in where the old one had been :devil:WHEN:devil: I noticed the new rope only has two connectors (pins) and the old one has three. Is this another case of planned obsolescence? Previously I have connected the rope light to a black box that had the ability to turn theindividual lights in the rope on and off giving the appearance of "chasing". Is there a device available that can do this with rope light? Myblack box is no good because it requires a three pin rope, not two. Is there an adaptor out there that I canpurchase?
  13. http://www.dailyherald.com/story/print/?id=88277
  14. Peggy13 wrote: Me too. I have a bunch in the basement I never use. You do realize that this item doesn't light up.
  15. Scott, You're not "getting out", are you?
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