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  1. Hello I have two mr Christmas wireframes for sale. I would like to get $10 for each or best offer. Thanks
  2. Yes I have got several from that site love it. And I live in indy so close to home
  3. Did anyone find out if they are making these new ones??????
  4. Hello every one, If anyone could help me out here on finding this union scarecrow. Any condition but not broken to bits. A price that will not blow my scocks off. ~Travis Kenzig
  5. Tom this is awsome cant wait for the next hoilday
  6. oh nice brandon all was loved the tpi easter like tom said
  7. how much for the gv angles I have all the other stuff
  8. i do have one for sale it would be 30 and 30 to ship its a big mold
  9. well i don't know about you but i don't like the new color for the wise men because they wont blend into the other pieces. Im really old school i dont what my wise men to stick out like a sore thumb even though i have the poloron nativity and gf nativity. my point is i like my yard to blind into all the other molds out there
  10. so this is 2012 well the end of it so did they make it or not
  11. Hi over the last year ive inlo found the adds not a catalog for the moving Santa and snowman.
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