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  1. Would like to see a photo too..........


    Just ordered purple and orange icicle lights from you, during the preseason sale. Plan on incorporating cool white icicle lights as well in with them for Halloween.


    Very excited about seeing the results for the Halloween 2013 light show!



  2. Now that I figured out the attachment process here, another photo of the first Light O Rama display this past year. The graveyard fence is also a prop I built from pvc pipe and other materials.


    Hope you enjoy the photo and if I can be of any help, just let me know




  3. Brian


    Here is one of five tombstones I built last year for my 1st Light O Rama light show.

    Built from double layers of 2" styrofoam, routed for rope light and painted with Drylock paint.

    Each stone operated independently from the contoller with a singing face.


    For the first year not a bad start but looking to add this year.

    Hope the photo attaches here, my first atempt at posting a photo on the forum





  4. Well Chad


    I agree with Cliff!

    I would recommend you go to the Light O Rama site and view some excellent  video tutorials. I also believe you can use a demo software program to see how the system works.


    This was my first year with LOR and programming sequences can take much time and you should have an vision of the props you are planning. Good luck with your new endeavor, it can truly be rewarding.



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