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  1. I tested my first show ever tonight! I was super excited I had 4 different cars stop... but they only stayed for a minute or 2 What do I do??? Do I take out the songs that I think they didn't like? It's a bummer to see them leave lol. Any help is appreciated.
  2. I thought maybe Thanksgiving night was too soon haha...
  3. This is my first year and I am just curious to see when everyone starts their show. I was planning on the first show to be Thanksgiving night. What do you do?
  4. I have already finished sequencing but now would like to add a speaking part over top off the end of a song. Is there a way to do that?
  5. Well... you can't have to configurations open at the same time so I just went through and did what you told me not to do and no the sequences and visualizer are doing strange things so now I have to try to figure this out. any help is greatly appreciated!
  6. Can you have 2 channel configurations open at once? I have actually moved to 32 channels and all are in use.
  7. After sequencing my entire show I realized I need to change the channels. This is my first year and I have my roof line on channel 1 and the front yard line on channel 2. Please help!! I don't want to change anything because I am nervous it will mess the sequences up please let me know if I can just change the channels!
  8. This is my first year an I am now trying to set up the FM transmitter and don't know how too lol. Is there anything special to do within the LOR software? Thanks in advance.
  9. Thank you so much! I think I will attempt it! any ideas on the best way to wrap them ?
  10. Has anyone ever used icicle light strings in trees? Trying to decide if it would look okay and the best way to do it.
  11. What are some of the best songs for a first time show? I am looking for anything really. I kind of want something nique but do enjoy the classics too. Thanks in advance!
  12. This is my first year doing an LOR show. Last year I used Mr. Christmas. I am having trouble on how to start and where to start. I have 16 channels now and may go to 32. I have about 5000 lights and one mini tree so far lol. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Do I start by planning where I want my lights on the house? Do I sequence first? Thanks in advance!
  13. Thank you for all the ideas I will let you know what I decide to do!
  14. I am sure this is posted somewhere but I cant seem to find it. If I am wanting to have 3 different colors out lining the house can I just put a string of white, string of green, and string of red together and control them separately? This is my first year doing a bigger christmas show and I am trying to get the effects I want without spending all my money on lights since I have to buy the controllers this year. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Lauren
  15. Thank you for the good advice! I will get started very soon!
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