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    Not much of a story, but this year I finally saw it snow on Christmas day, first time ever it had been 86 years since the last time it happened here in Arkansas
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    Lowell, Ar
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    very boring, I just work all the time
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    watching sports on tv
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    just a simple static display, for now

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  1. hawgfan

    Mega Tree

    Well I'm not in the city limits so I will only have to check with the Elec. co. and I won't be makeing any holes in the pole so maybe they will be ok with it, I'm not going high enough to be near the power line which is the very top line, and a .22 will take care of that light til after the holiday then they can bring a new bulb, lol
  2. hawgfan

    Mega Tree

    I will be using a wood telephone pole for my first mega tree with 16 channels available this year, unless I can get a 4th controller. Has anyone else ever done this or have any good ideas if I had too I could maybe borrow another 4 channels from another controller.
  3. Could you send me the same, this will be my first year and I have 3 controllers to work with but I am hoping to just use 16 ch for the tree if possible and I am using a 30 or 40 foot telephone pole so I'll have to figure out some way to attach the strings, Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. [email protected]
  4. It might not organize them very good but how about a garden hose reel, it would hold alot
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