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  • Birthday 11/05/1997

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  • My favorite Christmas story
    I was 10 and my mom and dad brought home a huge blow mold Santa and then I knew I was addicted
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    elkview WV
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    I'm addicted to blowmolds
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    Blow molds lady gaga
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    I have 90 blow molds
  1. I have two of these bot neither with original cord
  2. LOL I just I don't like them
  3. LOL they could. I find them quite scary
  4. YAY lol I was going to sell them or maybe trade I just don't like them lol thanks
  5. HI I have an original pair of myrt and bert but I have no idea about them I got them for $7 at a thrift store is that a good deal? are they rare to find thanks
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