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  1. BamaFlum

    Led Keeper?

    My lovely wife got me one for Christmas! I haven't needed it yet but I'll be ready.
  2. BamaFlum

    Led Keeper?

    For sealed bulbs, what's the best way to wire in a replacement after cutting out the bad bulb? Does it matter where the replacement comes from (different strand, different manufacture, etc)? In other words, if I buy a small strand if LED's to use as replacement bunks, what's the best way to splice them in?
  3. Thanks. Please excuse my ignorance, but what is a drip loop and how do I make it?
  4. Did you have any problems with condensation inside the bags?
  5. Where do you find Holiday Creation lights? Any particular store?
  6. I got tired of Youtube and I'm moving my stuff to Godtube. One of these days, I'll get my own website. The only reason I posted is for out of state family members (like my 86 year old grandmother) to see my lights.
  7. Here are my thoughts on my sampler pack. I got a sample pack of C7's (red, blue, cool white) and G20's (sun white and green). I'm very impressed with all of them except the red. The red just isn't that bright compared to incandescents (I brought down a string of white, red, and green just to compare). The sun white is fantastic and mixes very well with the incandescents. The green is a lighter cooler but very bright. Of course the blue and cool white are very bright. I actually used the cool white in a night light for the kids bathroom and, WOW!, is it bright! I will problably be slowly repla
  8. Just FYI, the C7's retros have 3 diodes and the strings have one also.
  9. Thanks. I noticed that the icicle lights weren't as bright as a standard set of minis. I'm trying to make an accurate calculation for my LOR boards using the excel spreadsheet so I'm added two new light strands to compensate for the less power.
  10. I wanted to have an accurate power count for my Hobby Lobby icicle lights. The strand states that it uses the 2.5 volt bulb with a total of .3 amps for a 150 set and .6 amps for a 300 set. I'm using the LOR calculator so I need to put in the watts per bulb. If I put in .25, I get .31 amps and .63 amps for the 150 and the 300 sets respectively. Is that about right?
  11. Paul, are going to include any dimmable C7/9 replacements?
  12. Isn't the going price for replacements around $1-$2 a bulb?
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